Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Hair Trends we can all do!! AMAZING!

1. Messy Braid

2. Hair Parted On The Center, no matter what kind of hair you have, down the middle is where it's at this Fall

3. Ponytail!! Now usually there is some kind of Sub-category for the Ponytail. High, Low, to the side, messy, polished, but this Fall, it's a buffet of Ponytails! Anything goes!

4. Bouncy Curls/Waves and a LOT of them!

5. Messy Buns

6. Fresh Out of Bed, seriously, it's Fashion Forward to look like a hot mess right now!

7. Frizz, especially in's okay, let Frizz Happen! Frizzy hair is good enough for Gucci!

8. Accessorize!

Feathers, clips with stuff on them, headbands, flowers, pins, you name it, you should put it in your hair!

GO NUTS!! Since product is at a minimum, and you don't need a stylist for a ponytail these are ALL perfect for those of us on a BUDGET!

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