Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome 2 Canada Prince

I've been having a series of mini strokes ever since Friday October 28th at approx 6pm.

This is when I found out that this Sexy Beast

IS PLAYING THE METRO CENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!on November 30.

I can't remember the "day" I discovered Prince and his music, I just remember ALWAYS listening to it.

If I don't end up with a ticket I will be standing outside of the Metro Center in the cold, completely content with the knowledge that the Artist I have listened to and loved for years, is just on the other side of the doors. Imagine for a second that one artist or actor that you love, a HUGE artist or actor, and imagine if you after YEARS of being a HUGE fan were able to finally see him/her in the flesh....for me my concert of a lifetime (meaning I could die happy the next day) is Prince. I encourage you to look into his music (his first album came out in '79) and listen to as much of it as you can. Of course everyone knows Purple Rain (EPIC) Little Red Corvette, Kiss, but this is just the tip of the genius ice berg that Prince. He has had SO MUCH influence over Popular Culture it's astounding. His Guitar playing is Incredible, his song writing?? DUDE I can't even begin, because if I do this blog entry will take a LIFETIME to write. He has a Vault FULL of music he has recorded but never released at Paisley Park.

Seriously, If I end up sitting next to you at the show, I apologize for sobbing like a little girl.

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