Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yuuuuuup!!!!!! IT's ON!

Recognize that guy??????

If you watch Storgae Wars, you know him as the guy that seems to constantly screw Darryll out of winning Storgae Lockers on the Show Storage Wars. Their Personal Feud aside, Dave has a new Feud to worry about.

Dave uses Yuuuuuup on the regular, to indicate that yes he will go up to the next price pont in an auction. if you to to the A&E website you can buy Y'uuuuuup t-shirts.

Now if you are a Trey Songz fan, you probably recognize that Trey often starts songs with the work Y'up, so, Trey has sent Dave Hester a cease and desist letter, stating that he has been using the word since 2008.

A couple of examples

Dave says, nope I'm trademarking the way I say, you didn't trade mark the way you say, the two sound COMPLETLY different. So...nah nah nah (not a direct quote, you get the point though)

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