Thursday, December 1, 2011

Prince + Halifax = More than I ever expected!

To The People who shared the air with me at The Halifax Metro Center on November 30 2011, I wanted to say Thank-You.

Thank you because The Prince Concert is a Concert I have been waiting for, for as long as I can remember. Thank You to everyone around me in Section 23, who were considerate of those around you, thank you, for singing every word of every song with me. Thank you for being amazing.

I’ve been to a few shows, and I’ve had some amazingly terrible experiences, not with the artist performing, but with individuals who pushed, and shoved. Who paid no care to the people they were sharing the experience with.

I believe this speaks VOLUMES about the type of people Prince attracts to him. Positivity, and desire to put the flippin’ Smartphone down, and connect with living breathing people who are beside you, in front of, or behind you.

What I experienced last night was beyond anything I could have hoped for, and it was everything I’ve ever imagined it could be, and the people in the crowd as well and Prince and his Band were all collectively responsible for that. THANK YOU!

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Prince, which I can assure you raised eyebrows at 11 years old, but I LOVED him then, and I will always view Prince as my Number One All Time Artist. I’m not going to try to convince anyone I’m his “Biggest Fan” Because in reality of it all, I doubt that I am. I have his albums, I own his movies, I read or watch or listen to any interview Prince does or has done that I can find, I know what First Avenue and 7th Street Entry is, and I understand the importance of the Minneapolis Music scene and the influence it has had on him, and the influence he has had on it.

I understand why last night, when security caught people taking photos they made them delete the photos. I get Prince. I know how protective he is of his image and intellectual property. He is his music, his music is him.

To Prince, today I would say Thank You, for being more than I Hoped. Thank You for making the music that you make, and Thank you for putting everything that you are into your music, last night at the Halifax Metro Center, with you and your band I screamed, I cried, I danced, then I was in awe, and cried again, then danced then screamed then GLEEFULLY sang along, and cried some more.

Prince, is more than a person, more than a performer, and more than an artist. He is ideal, and I’m glad that for a couple hours last night, Prince and his Band, brought his show to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and I’m glad I was lucky enough to be there and be part of it.


Anonymous said...

Had such a great time at the show.. glad I went. Was blown away by Shelby J, more than anything else, really. Experienced a first, when I felt the CONCRETE below our seats physically moving...and when the crowd sang Purple Rain and Doves Cry I was emotionally moved, and I had an equally great experience with those fellow concert goers in Section 20.. peeve with the whole thing was I didn't like the rudness of the security people over the camera issue.. the signs CLEARLY stated no "Professional" cameras and went on to explain "Detatchable lenses". Don't post signs stating one thing if you mean another.. pics taken on an iPhone are not going to be for public sale, but rather more as a keepsake of a great concert attended. I have pics of every concert I've ever been to.. Musicians are public figures, make their life being public and although I agree with papparrazzi being shot for intruding on private lives, Joe Who next to me with his little Canon point and shoot taking a picture at a public concert shouldn't be treated the way I witnessed "our" security guy treating people. These people weren't 17 year olds.. the average age of our section (and this concert) was about 45 or even older. Post the concert rules as they are meant to be posted and stick to them.. and treat the people paying $100 a pop (on average) with a little more respect. "Hey arsehole.. delete the f*&^%ing pic" just doesn't cut it in my books...

Mel_B_BOUNCE said...

It was announced yesterday that the No Camera policy was going to be "Strictly Enforced" I didn't take a photo so I didn't have any dealings with security at all. And I assumed before the show that there would be absolutly No Cameras at all. It's not a question of photos being sold when it comes to Prince. He has a Iron Fist kind of control over his image, and how and where and when it's displayed. Stuff from back when he was with Warner I don't think he still has control over.