Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Word Hero.... tossed around a lot these days. Sometimes, if someone brings me a coffee at 3pm on a Monday afternoon, I tell them they are my hero. It's not so much that they have saved my life, it's become a way to express my gratitude. War Heroes, sports heroes (Crosby's Golden Goal come to mind here) all fall into different categories.

What I want, and what I'm trying to say, is that this time of year, we all of the opportunity to be heroes to someone. 101.3 The BOUNCE is helping with this years Empire Theaters Annual Toy Drive for the Salvation Army. This year the need for Toys is huge. And we are into days 2 of our Live Broadcasts from Empire Theaters, and already, we are floored by your generosity. We say all year round that BOUNCE Listeners are the Best Looking, Smartest, and most generous listeners in HRM. And we support things Like the Empire Theaters Annual Toy Drive for the Salvation Army, you come through bigger and better then could hope for.

When people in our communities fall on hard times, as we all do from time to time, it's important to give them a hand, to show then that falling on hard times isn't a permanent situation, that there is an entire community out the that's behind them and pulling for them. It's a chance to open our hearts to complete strangers and show that in this world of cynicism there is still genuine caring, and concern. It's a chance for our community leaders to stop with the bickering over Oval names or concert scandals, or whatever else the buzz topic of the day is, and for them to realize that as a community HRM is more than finger pointing, it's more than any of us realize. That's what this time of year does for me, and it's all thanks to our listeners.

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