Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheating Snooping and Forgiving. Where do Canadians Stand?? has this interesting article, thought I'd share it here., a popular social dating network, recently conducted a Cheating and Monogamy survey amongst their 14,000 single users from nine countries, and lucky enough for us, gave us the dirt.

When it comes to cheating, Canadians aren't buying. Coming in number two behind the French at 79%, a whopping 75% of Canadian singles confirm they've never cheated on a partner.

The Brits at 74%, and the Americans at 73% aren't that far behind. Italians are the most likely to cheat with 40% owning up to indiscretions while in committed, monogamous relationships.

Information is current as of the original date of publication.

For the most part, singles rank monogamy as the ideal relationship in every country, and 92% of Canadian respondents seek out this exact kind of committed relationship. Again, naughty Italians – only 40% of them want the same. Interestingly though, 11% of Canadian men who responded said if given the chance, they'd prefer an open relationship, with only 3% of Canadian women feeling the same.

A politician with more than a wandering eye could find himself in hot water with Canadian women. A whopping 60% of respondents said that if a politico cheated on his or her spouse, it would most certainly affect their vote. American women seconded that motion 57%.

But Canadian men seemed to care a little less than the 50% of American men who agreed, with only 40% confirming such philandering would change their opinion and therefore influence their vote.

In every country, women were more likely than men to see flirting as cheating, whether by text, email or in person. Close to 40% of Canadian women think flirting is cheating compared to only 25% of Canadian men. Similarly, 39% of French woman compared to 30% of French men say the same.

And it's the Germans who are the most liberal when it comes to flirting it seems, with only 22% of women and 19% of men seeing flirting as cheating.

To snoop or not to snoop, that is the question. Canadian men seem to think not, with only 12% of them likely to snoop through a partner's phone and computer compared to 38% of Italian men.

Possibly unsurprising, women in all countries were more likely to snoop than their male partners, with 27% of Canadian women willing to snoop for signs of infidelity, compared to 50% of Italian women who wouldn't hesitate. American women were the least likely to dig for dirt with only 21% willing to violate their partner's privacy in this way.

When it comes to infidelity, both men and women struggle with letting go, but in the end women are less likely to actually forgive their partners. In Canada, 23% of women would forgive their partner, compared to 33% of men. The least likely to forgive were Swedish women at 16%, whereas 31% of Swedish men could get past it.

Overall, the Germans were the most forgiving, with 25% of women and 38% of men saying they would in fact forgive their partner if they cheated.

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