Monday, January 9, 2012

Four in Five Men Now Have Body Image Issues.....

 . . . That's More Than Women

--In a new survey by the University of the West of England, 80.7% of men, or more than four in five, admit they have body image issues. Only 75% of women in the survey said the same thing.

--And 38% of men said they'd actually give up years of their life for a perfect body. 12% would give up one year . . . 15.2% would give up two to five years . . . 5.3% would give up six to 10 years . . . and 5.3% would give up more than 10 years.

--Here are some more findings from the study . . .

--63% of men feel like their arms or chests aren't muscular enough.

--30% of men say they've heard someone refer to their "beer belly" . . . 19% have heard someone call them chubby . . . and 19% have heard someone talking about their MAN BOOBS.

--4% of guys have made themselves sick to try to control their weight. 3.4% have tried taking laxatives to lose weight.

(The Guardian)

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