Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm too sexy for my Yearbook?!

The Colorado teen whose photo was too racy for her high school yearbook has had a second sexy photo rejected, and she's taken her fight for "freedom of expression" to the national airwaves.

Sydney Spies made headlines last week when the photo she submitted was deemed inappropriate by the Durango High School editorial board.

In the shot, the 18-year-old dancer and aspiring model is dressed in a flouncy yellow miniskirt with nothing for a top but a black scarf tied around her chest.

There was some debate as to who rejected the photo.

The yearbook's editors said it was their decision - and it had nothing to do with her revealing ensemble.

"We are an award-winning yearbook. We don't want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional," yearbook editor Brian Jaramillo was quoted as saying in the Durango Herald.

But Spies and her mother believe the school officials influenced the yearbook editors, who initially voted in favour of allowing the photo.

They hinted they might get the ACLU involved to defend against what they consider censorship.

"I'm a senior in high school trying to express my rights and make a difference in not only my school, but everywhere else in the world ... I want people to know that freedom of expression is essential and censoring yearbooks and people is wrong."

She appeared on the Today Show Monday and told host Matt Lauer the new photo, like the first one, is a true representation of her personality.

"I really honestly think that it describes who I am ... and I really do think it's artistic," she said. "I'm still hoping they might let me have that picture in there."



kelly said...

i think she is a very pretty girl, but i dont think the hs yearbook is the right forum for this kind of shot. It has really nothing to do with the school...maybe yearbooks have changed since my days in

Anonymous said...

I'm just mystified by the reaction of public outrage or at the least, indignant offense, over the HS year book photo of Sydney Spies. Go to your local mall any day of the week and you'll have dozens of Sydney Spies in your face from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. Let's all be honest with ourselves that the teenage hooker look is in throughout the "enlightened" Western world, totally endorsed by the deafening silence of public educators in every Western locale. The proof couldn't be more clearly evidenced than by the administrators of Sydney's school, who were only too quick to respond that they had nothing to do with pulling her racy pic from the year book. Of course they didn't. After all, in our "politically correct" world where people obsessively worship diversity, inclusiveness, self-expression and the the ever-so-sacred right of the individual, why would the adults dare to intrude on what the minors, entrusted to their care and supposed leadership, are doing on public property?