Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why The Muppet Movie was PG not G

Sex & Nudity

A male muppet and a female muppet are caught kissing as theater lights come on; they stop immediately.

A female muppet kisses a male muppet.

A male muppet kisses a chicken muppet.

A muppet tells an audience that he is going to imagine them naked; he closes his eyes and when he opens them again we see people wearing slips and tank tops, and the muppet corrects himself saying, "Sort of naked."

A muppet tells another muppet to imagine an audience of humans naked.

A man wearing a figure-hugging CGI motion-tracking suit covered with small sensor balls is heard saying, "I'm not done with my balls."

Violence & Gore

ATTENTION: Please note that violence is not violent and it is ALL played for laughs, non of the violence in this film is intense or gory in anyway.

Some comical scenes that involve people and/or muppets punching each other.

A muppet asks a man to throw him over a fence and a woman warns that she thinks the fence is electrified: we hear a crunching sound as the man folds up the muppet's legs and throws him against the fence, sizzling is also heard and we see large sparks as the muppet is electrocuted and falls to the ground with smoke coming off his hair and his face is singed (he acts unharmed).

Muppets attack a man, wrapping a rope around his torso and putting a bag over his head, a muppet karate-chops the man's neck and we later hear shouting and see the trunk of a car moving, implying that the man was stuffed in the trunk.

A muppet asks another muppet for kerosene so the muppet can burn some dresses, and a third muppet punches the first muppet in the face and we hear a thud as the muppet falls to the ground.

A man and a muppet fight over a pair of bolt cutters as they climb a high antenna, the muppet shoves the man and he falls to the ground; moments later the man groans and begins to move and we later see the man with a small cut on his cheek.

A muppet swings his arm around, about to throw a bowling ball at the head of a man, who is tied to a chair with a bowling pin on his head, the muppet shouts that his hand is stuck and we see him continue to swing his arm around throughout the movie, until he releases the bowling ball into a man's stomach; the man falls over and gets up moments later, dazed.

A muppet holding a muppet chicken dramatically jumps off a building, hits a sign as he falls, lands in a large crate filled with packing peanuts and is unharmed.

A man throws a fencing foil through a television screen that two muppets are watching and we see the screen shatter.

A muppet detonates an explosion that causes a giant factory to blow up; we do not see the explosion, but we hear it and see dust fly through the air as muppets, a man and a woman duck and one of the muppets coughs from the dust (they are unharmed). We see multiple comical explosions.

A muppet detonates a small explosion, we see smoke rise up, his face and teeth are singed and he falls over; a muppet uses a blowtorch to clean moldy food from a refrigerator.

A man and a muppet practice fencing: the man hits the muppet repeatedly as another muppet keeps score.

A muppet plays the drums on the heads of four small fuzzy creatures, and they squeak "ouch."

A robot clanks into furniture and walls as it slowly leaves a room; we hear the robot say "ouch" repeatedly.

We hear dramatized gunshots in the distance, followed by the sound of police sirens and we see flashing police lights. We see a man throughout a portion of the movie tied to a chair; he shouts at the audience, asking them to call the police because he had been kidnapped.

A muppet shouts at other muppets and angrily slams her head into a desk twice.

A man shouts at several muppets, saying, "You're dead!" Two muppets overhear a muppet telling other muppets and a man that she had "punched a guy in the face."

An older muppet jokes that half of the audience of the movie is not alive. We see newspaper headlines about a man having a head injury.

A muppet jokingly suggests that another muppet could set a muppet on fire for entertainment.

A muppet makes a joke that the catch of the day at a restaurant was salmonella.

We see a muppet using a whetstone to sharpen a knife as other muppets look at her.


1 mild anatomical term, name-calling (sausage snout, freaks, weirdoes, hippy-dippy, idiot), exclamations

"oh my gosh, heck," 2 not fully enunciated religious exclamations ("oh my ga-").


A hippy that looks like Willie Nelson sings the word "high" as a solo in a song, possibly implying drug use.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Nothing frightening, since the film is for children

Source.... imdb.com

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