Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just recieved this LOVELY note from a Listener on the West Coast!

Hi Mel B,

How are you? I'm really good. :) I'm listening to you and your radio station from

Montrose, British Columbia. Are you from British Columbia? I see that the Vancouver

Canucks are your favourite sports team. My son,  is 12 years old and he is the goalie

for a Peewee hockey team in Fruitvale, BC. He is also 6 feet tall, so he reminds me alot of Roberto Luongo. And we absolutely love Roberto & the Vancouver Canucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband is from your point, born and raised in the HRM. His Father was in the Navy for 28 years until he retired and moved his family back to his birthright of Castlegar, BC.

Our plan, if everything falls into place, is to move to Nova Scotia this summer, so wish us luck!

I can't wait. You have a great radio station there!. The radio stations here suck.

Have a terrific day in Halifax, the most beautiful city in Canada!..


Hi Michelle,
 No, I'm not from BC, I was born and raised here in Nova Scotia, (Cole Harbour to be exact, Yes the birth place of that Crosby guy HAHA!)
I am a Canucks fan, I just wish we could watch more of the games here in the East Coast, once in a while we get them, and of course with the time difference the games come on at about 11pm.
My Husband is a Goalie in a local Adults League, so I can talk Goalie gear for DAYS!! You should start looking for the "Goalie World" Magazine for your son. It's an amazing magazine and has TONS of amazing pointers for Goalies. Now I don't even skate and I've never stood in a Goal crease to block a shot but it seems to me that being a goalie is as much about Mental toughness as it positioning and controlling rebounds.
If you move to Halifax this summer you gotta come visit us here are The BOUNCE!! We'd love to be able to welcome you and your family to the city!

All the best, and Good Luck with your move!

Mel B

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