Thursday, February 9, 2012

Now this is a Study I care about!!

Is this the best study so far this year? I'm not going to argue against it. A new study out of Israel has found that if you want to lose weight you should . . . eat a BIG PIECE OF CAKE with breakfast.

--Seriously. In their study, they monitored two groups of people who were dieting. The people in the groups ate the same basic stuff, but one group ate DELICIOUS DESSERT with their breakfast every single day.

--After 32 weeks, the people who ate dessert with breakfast every day lost an average of FORTY POUNDS more than people who didn't. That's an insane weight loss difference.

--Here's why. When you eat dessert in the morning, you spike your metabolism and have all day to burn it off. More importantly, by indulging in dessert, you stop your dessert CRAVINGS later in the day.

--People who didn't have dessert showed WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS. Eventually, almost all of them caved and started eating desserts . . . but did it later in the day, when it didn't help their metabolism or give them time to burn it off.

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