Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maritime Tattoo Fest

Okay so I now have a wicked start on my half sleeve, thanks to the talent of Mark Jeffery! Mark has done three of my tats, and when I found out he was going to be at the festival, I jumped at the chance to get the half sleeve started. He is moving back to the Maritime from Ontario in July, so the my tattoo stays outlines and some background shading until then. Here are a few photos.....

a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_HuQqmTDgjnQ/ShK-OL063xI/AAAAAAAAAEk/x4gpngOqQ6Y/s1600-h/Mark+Jeffery.jpg">

I honestly can't tell you how interesting the Tattoo Fest was, learned lots by asking questions, folks love to talk about what they do, you just gotta ask!

About half way through the Tattoo, Mark asked me if I smelled something....I did it was a weird smell, so we looked around, no fire or anything...turns out we were smelling burning flesh, and not from a BBQ......

There was Scarification going' down....what is scarification? there are a couple of different ways you can get...scarified (?)

Modern day Scarification is a form of Body Art by which a "controlled" scar is formed on the skin. This can be done in one of two ways.

- The first method involves cutting a particular area of the skin repeatedly with a scalpel.

- The second is by using a method called "Strike Branding", which is much like cattle branding. A shape is crafted from a piece of metal, it is then heated until it is red-hot, and is then pressed against the skin.

The second method..is the one that was happening. Now as a person with 6 Tattoos, I can't really say anything about what people do to their bodies, some people don't understand Tattoos...I don't understand Scarification. Not to say I'm passing any kind of judgement on it, each to their own, but Wow....

So Mark has a website if you're interested in checking his stuff out....


its in the early stages of web design, but He'll be adding stuff soon.

Is it possible...

Is it possible for a photo to get HOTTER THAN THIS!

Chris Cornell and Lenny Kravitz....why can't I be that couch?! hahaha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's been a minute since I've popped by. Lots of things going on.....The Star Trek Premier was FAN-TASTIC! Great Movie, trying to talk Dad into going we'll see it at the IMAX because I know he'd LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

This weekend is the Maritime Tattoo Festival. Im getting the outlines done on my Half Sleeve which is AWESOME! I've been wanting one for years, so Im just gonna go and do it. Im going to look like a wet comic book by the time Im 80. But Im okay with that. Proof that this little granny was a wild child. Okay not really wild just a lover of all things Tattoo.

Okay, after almost an hour of searching past a Google Image search that returned photos that will more than likely be flagged by the IT department, Here is what I mean by a "Half Sleeve" Incase you didn't know....

If that's you in this photo nice Tattoo, just borrowing the shot.

A 3/4 Sleeve, is from shoulder to about half way down your forearm, and a full sleeve, you know shoulder to wrist.

What do you think of Tattoos? Love em hate em or dont make no never mind to you??