Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ontarios Breed Ban and the SPCA

In 2005 Ontario passed a bill that made it illegal to breed or own a "bully breed" or a dog that resembles a pitbull. Dogs by the thousands, have been euthanised. Even 6 week old puppies have been put down, simply because they are or resemble a particular breed. For every 5 dogs that enter the Animal Control centers in Ontario, only 2 may be elegiable to be moved to another province for adoption. The dogs are held to the highest behavioural standards. Once they pass those requirements, they are not allowed to leave their kennels, not allowed human contact, and not allowed to go for a walk. When the workers clean their Kennels, they are shoved to the back of the kennel, and their food comes through a small hole in the door of the Kennel.

I stumbeled into owning an Amstaff. Her name is Lucy and she is my best friend, always quick to cuddle. She's goofy and clumbsy, and simply wonderful. I can understand the general fear that people harbour towards these dogs. They are strong, and intimidating, no question. But behind that gruff exterior is a big heart that is couragous, loyal, and smart. The thought of losing my Lucy, breaks my heart and I can't imagine having to give her over to someone.

Here is why Im talking about this. The SPCA in Halifax/Dartmouth is working with one of the rescue groups in Ontario to save some of these dogs. They are in need of responsilble people to adopt these dogs. They are also looking for Foster Homes, it's a way that you can help without making the long term commitment of adopting a dog. Remember, these dogs have gone through the behaviour assesment in Ontario and at the SPCA, they have been locked in a Kennel until being transferd to the SPCA. There is a female Amstaff at the SPCA now, her name is Tyra and she has a face sweet enough to break your heart when you think about the horrible treatment she has recieved. Please, if you are concidering getting a dog, think about one of the dogs from Ontario. Go and meet one of the dogs, there is no harm in that. If there are restriction on any animal (such as no cats, or no other dogs in the household) from the SPCA you will be informed before you even fill out an adoption application, and that applies to all of the pets at the SPCA.

To contact the SPCA you can call 468-7877, their website is
There is information there about volunteering, fostering, adoption, and you can also make a donation as the SPCA is not Government funded.

This is my Lucy.....

And this is Tyra who is available for adoption at the SPCA

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

This is Paige, and this was the scene at her first Birthday. Thanks to Tanya Kelly for sending me the photo! So Cute!

If You have a photo you'd like to share here, I'd love to see it. Just email me the picture with some background, who's in it etc etc etc, and I'll post it!

Mel B


Wanna go check out NINE?? Cool keep it locked to 101.3 The BOUNCE we have passes to give to you ALL DAY LONG!

Check the trailers...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

For Dad

I found this Blooper reel on youtube and I thought of my Dad. Yo Popps, is this guy a *&^%$$$%# or what!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm all for empowerment! Perhaps that has become dirty word these days. Empowerment for women has become something for people, women included to make fun of. For some reason, women supporting and celebrating another womans successes is hard for us to do. I think that's crazy! think about, the green eyed monster of jealousy pops up and before you kow it, your calling a woman who has achieved things horrible words. It's our way. It's perhaps the most puzzeling thing I see about women. I don't understand it, and I am a woman. It doesn't take much to congragulate another woman, it doesnt take much to give props, where props are due. It seems like it is the hardest thing for women to do. How can we truly call ourselves modern empowered women when this behaviour still happens among us. We should be offering helping hands, offering advice without malicious undertones and celebrating each other instead of spending so much time and energy focusing on holding each other back.

Start tomorrow and say congratulations, and mean it from the bottom of your heart and don't diss her because she's wearing last years scarf. Bigpicture here girls, big picture. When we can honestly and truthfully celebrate us, nothing can stop us.

Mel B

Awww, Yeah

Awww, Yeah, originally uploaded by wine me up.

Hahahaha, I LOVE Phat Cats. If they didn't make me sneeze so much, I would absolutly have a PHAT cat! And he/she would have attitude to spare.

Rihanna Ft Shy Ronnie


New 50 Cent Vid Ft Vivica A Fox

This is the teaser....looks like a CRAZY video!

Friday, December 4, 2009


First time have ever saw Lucy do this. Sleeping with her tongue out!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Egipto misterioso - Mysterious Egypt

How could I resist using this photo today?! Im a fan of ancient history, and Egypt, well that's pretty old....I love this shot!

I was once able to see Egyptian artifiacts in a museun and it was amazing! They were tiny people judging by the belts and shoes that were on display. They also had plenty pf examples of the work the artisans did....amazing stuff really. ojancano chema has plenty of other pics of egypt, if you interested just click away!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009



At The Moosheads Game

So Last weekend it was a hard weekend for The Mosseheads. Two losses for the Moose, but there was plenty to see at The Metro Center too.

Saturday night Patrick Roy was there with the Ramparts, that was fun. Sunday Afternoon there were tonns of animals, and Im not just talkin' Moose fans!

There were Owls, a snake, a skunk, and other critters. And there were two dogs there, Rocky and Cody. The dogs along with the owners are part of an organization called Therapeutic Paws Of Canada. They go into long term care facilities and hang out with the people living there. They also go to Public libraries all over the HRM and help kids read. Confused? Don't be, kids who are having trouble reading, read books to the dogs, they are a non-judgemental third party, and the kids improve their reading skills on a regular basis. To find out more about the organization please check their website,

Maybe you and your furry buddy can get involved!

Meet Rocky and Cody, two of the sweetest dogs I've ever met!