Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm a Book NERD!

I LOVE reading, it's nothing for me to be awake until late at night reading a book, or, not getting out of bed on a sunday so I can keep reading a book. I love it! If you are also a Book Nerd...there is NOTHING wrong with it, don't let anyone tell you there is. check out this website, it's Scoial Networking for Book fans

You can post books you have read, are currently reading or plan to read. If you hear about a book, you can search for it there and read reviews by other regular people who have read it, not book people who are trying to help the publishing house sell the book. You can even find other people wgo are into the same kinds of books you are and become a network. It's pretty sweet, just joined last night.

New Music on 101.3 The BOUNCE!!

Jay Sean Ft Nicki Manaj - 2012 (It Ain't The End)

Aleesia - Angel

Also, i want to encourage you to become on Online Music Director with 101.3 The BOUNCE. It's direct feedback that you can give to us about the music we play. You get to pick the HITS!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soooooo, Last day of Summer

Ahhh Me,

The Last day of summer, Im trying to remember if I did all of the things I wanted to this summer. And honestly, I can't even remember what I wanted to accomplish, I saw the Naked Bike riders through downtown Halifax, I wasn't part of that, believe me, somethings about me should be kept secret and naked is one of them LMAO....

The Black Eyed Peas show was super fun and it was AMAZING to see everyone to stopped by the 101.3 The BOUNCE tent. Im positive there is more, but I can't remember at the moment.

So the fall, it brings on NHL pre-season which is a big deal in my house, hubby will be GLUED to the Television. Also the Halifax Mooseheads are back in action, October brings A LOT of games to the Metro Center, so I'll be there a lot too. The boys look more aggressive this year than last, maybe we will see some play off action this season. Halifax by the way has put in a bid to host the Memorial Cup in 2012, we are up against one of the teams in Quebec and Saint John. And with the Way the Sea Dogs have been developing I wont be surprised to see the Memorial cup there. As much as I'd love to see it in Halifax, I personally think it would be outstanding for Saint John, and I wont be discouraged from taking the four hour drive to support the Q.

What else....I seem to be rather obsessed with Robyn right now. Loving her music and I really don't get why she hasn't had a HUGE comeback in North America. I encourage you to youtube, or Vevo what she's been releasing over the past couple of years, and what you saw for about 48 seconds on the MTV Video Music Awards, didn't do her justice....AT ALL.

101.3 The BOUNCE has some pretty amazing stuff lined up for the next couple of Months and The 10,000 dollar Stop The Clock is just one of them. Keep your radio on to keep track of what we are up to.

Since tomorrow is the First day of fall, I suppose it's time to start thinking about a Halloween costume. Last Years Medusa Costume was a FAIL, so I need something a little easier, I've lost my Costume creative touch. What are your Halloween Costume plans? I need inspiration!

Books are always part of what Im up to when Im not at work, I've started reading the "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" Series, all the hype you've been hearing about the books is completely justified. Just when I thought I had it figured out the story would do a twist, a turn and then turn inside out. Great read, page turner, and all that usual stuff they say about a good book.

True Blood Finale was not satisfying at all. I was actually kinda pissed that it was all they gave us. ****spoiler alert if you haven't watched the finale yet**** Ohhhhh Sookie disappeared with Claudine.....she's with the faeries, Im not worried. Bill VS the Queen, it'll be a draw when the Queen realized she needs Bill. Eric will still be delicious and Pam will still be sarcastic I swear she gets all the great lines. Alcide and Sookie I believe will have a bit of a more serious flirting maybe even fling this coming season, Im tired of scared Sookie bring the Sookie from the books into the show, girl is fierce and doesn't "sook" at all haha. Really I guess the season could have ended with the "Russel pulling the spine out of the news anchor live on Television" episode. That was fantastic.

Well a random post with random thoughts. Hope you're well, and I'll be post way more often in the next few weeks.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Cee-Lo Green F*&k You

I don't really have to explaine that there are BAD WORDS in this video, but Im making a point of letting you know now. If you are going to check out the video, make sure no one who will dissaprove of the F-Bomb is around, and if they are, turn the volunme down or plug in ear phones.