Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WARNING Rant Ahead

Seriously, SERIOUSLY!

I can NOT stand people who mistreat their animals! Further proof that People are the worst!

Little White dog was just visiting the station, she spent the first 8 MONTHS of her life locked in a crate with two other dogs! WTF!!!!!!!!!!! She was so sweet and cuddely!

Also after 6 years with a family, they decided to put their 6 year old AmStaff down because......they didn't want it anymore!! WHAT!! Thankfully the vet refused and the Dog is now with a new forever family.

People want to put puppies down because they bite too much....have you never been around a puppy before? They chew because they are getting teeth. Freeze carrots for heavens sake SERIOUSLY, if you're thinking about adopting or getting a pet, be prepared for the good and the bad that comes with being a pet owner, they never sit and look cute like they do on TV. They Poop all the time, there will be accidents in your house, they need food, sometimes they need special food, but if you needed to be on a special diet, you'd go on it, Keep that in mind. And if you decide that being a pet owner isn't for you, then take it a shelter to be put up for adoption, do NOT take an animal just because you don't want it to be put down. Talk about unfair!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Hair = New You = new approach

Okay, so girls, I know y'all know what Im talking about here, a break up = new hair not sure why we do this but we do. I haven't had a break up but I have the same feeling for change that you absolutly can NOT ignore! Problem is....I want something kinda wild! crazy cut crazy colour, extentions to change it up once in a while....weird, not for me, I love Punk/skater style, I love my Skate shoes, DC's ect ect ect I love my hoodies, I have four different hoodies all in black. And a dresser FULL of graphic T-shirts. hmmmm go crazy hair or not....that is the question for today.....Im talking to my hair dresser tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gotta save this Photography Link

....I have to find time to sit and read then re-read these articles....if you're a hobby photographer like myself, you'll find some helpful hints.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Eye Doctor

So I went to the eye doctor today. And its time for a new set of contacts, and a new pair of glasses. I like the glasses .... anyway, something about this eye exam was sexy (WTF) I know right? Eye exam, tell me when you can see the middle line, which is better 1 or 2, 3 or 4, 5 or 6. I can pin point it but something about it was sexy, I was distracted.....
Oh, and I had pictures taken of my retinas, that was cool.

Mel B

I love the SHAT!!!! William that is

the signature shatner drop kick


HOLY! Talk about twisted! But fascinating!



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cleopatra and Marc Anthony's resting Place found??!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ancient history, Greek, Roman, Egyptian I love it all! So when I was poking around on today and found that headline I was pretty excited. I got to see a bunch of Egyptian artifacts during my first visit to New Orleans, and lemme tell ya, it was AMAZING. The carving and they even had the sandals they wore, amazing stuff, and so small! we are giants today in comparison. If you're interested here the article about Cleopatra and Marc Anthony....

Egypt to search 3 sites near Alexandria for Cleopatra's tomb
15/04/2009 7:55:00 PMRebecca Santana, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CAIRO - Archaeologists will begin excavating sites in Egypt next week in an attempt to solve a mystery that has stymied historians for hundreds of years: Where is the final resting place of doomed lovers Cleopatra and Mark Antony?
Archaeologists looking for the tombs of the celebrated queen of Egypt and the Roman general, who committed suicide in 31 BC, will begin excavating three sites at a temple where tombs may be located, Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities said in a statement Wednesday.
Cleopatra and Mark Antony, whose relationship was later immortalized by William Shakespeare and then in a movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, could have been buried in a deep shaft in a temple near the Mediterranean Sea, the council said.
Archaeologists last year unearthed the alabaster head of a Cleopatra statue, 22 coins bearing Cleopatra's image and a mask believed to belong to Mark Antony at the temple.
The three sites were identified last month during a radar survey of the temple of Taposiris Magna, the council's statement said. The temple is located near the northern coastal city of Alexandria and was built during the reign of King Ptolemy II (282-246 BC.)
Teams from Egypt and the Dominican Republic have been excavating the temple for the last three years. They found a number of deep shafts inside the temple, three of which were possibly used for burials. The lovers could be buried in a similar shaft, the statement said.
The lovers committed suicide after being defeated in the battle of Actium. Mark Antony is said to have killed himself with his sword, while Cleopatra is believed to have clutched a poisonous asp to her chest.
However, John Baines, an Egyptologist with Oxford University in England questioned why Augustus, who defeated Antony, would have chosen such a distinguished burial place.
"I don't really see why there should be a particular connection between that site and Antony and Cleopatra," Baines said.
Zahi Hawass, Egypt's top archaeologist, said the Cleopatra statue and coins - which show an attractive face - debunk a recent theory that the queen was "quite ugly."

"The finds from Taposiris reflect a charm ... and indicate that Cleopatra was in no way unattractive," said Hawass, according to the statement.
Academics at Britain's University of Newcastle concluded in 2007 that the queen was not especially attractive. Their conclusion was based on Cleopatra's depiction on a Roman coin that shows her as a sharp-nosed, thin-lipped woman with a protruding chin.
Excavators at the site near Alexandria have already discovered a large previously unknown cemetery outside the temple enclosure. They have also discovered 27 tombs, including a total of 10 mummies.
According to the statement, the style of the tombs indicates they were built during the Greco-Roman period. The presence of the cemetery also indicates that an important person - possibly royalty - could be buried inside the temple.

So exciting!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Target met and Surpassed!

So I have to get over 5000 steps a day, I'm happy to report that yesterday I was over 6000 steps by bedtime. I took Lucy for a walk after work last night, I was pretty tired but I had to get those steps in. Tonight I'll take Ness, Ness will walk me, not the other way around. That's something we need to work on, but more regular walks should start to fix that problem.

Mel B

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Photography Nuts take note!!

His name is Joey Lawrence (Not the guy from Blossom) and his stuff is fantastic and in his blog (see above link) he gives a few tips once in a while about how he took the photos, he also has a "How To" DVD for sale.

Click here for his website He's the guy that took the photos for Twilight. That should make you FAN-PIRES very happy! Another piece of twilight trivia!

Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay

Okay, Im not exactly the worlds biggest lalohan fan, however, she does have a sense of humour and I can appreciate that.

Click and have a little laugh!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Bunny The Sarcastic Little Bunny

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Happy Bunny!! This is my Door of fame to my office, here are a few of my favs.....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Happy Bunny!! This is my Door of fame to my office. Here are a few of my other favs.....

Easter Weekend + Pedometer update


Whatever I said about everything in Moderation went out the window yesterday. Turkey, Ham, veggies, cheesecake, carrot cake with REAL cream cheese frosting!, Squash Pie, (like pumpkin pie, but better_ blueberry pie, apple pie....the list went on and on and on. All of it home made by Mom! I ate until I didn't feel good....eventually I got the feeling you have in your stomach when you not hungry or full, so i decided I could fit more pie in....that was a mistake, I felt sick again...BUT IT WAS SOOOO GOOD.

Today Im armed with a small Ziploc container of baby carrots, and okay I'll confess a bag of Easter chocolates......Oh and Im still sporting the Pedometer. I have found out my base number of steps is just over 6000. I have to meet that number for a week, then start building. Its honestly kinda fun. Also kind of scary when you look at your step status and it's a LONG way from your goal and you pretty close to bed time. But absolutely no cheating, no shaking the pedometer!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

10,000 Steps a Day

I've decided that it's time to start being active. Things are starting jiggle that never jiggled before. Laugh if you want to, but it true, and it not areas that you would want to jiggle. I just have to firm up a bit, because I don't feel good.

So first things first, eating better, it's hard to do living with my Mom, she's a hard core baker, there is always some kind of baked something around the house. The best and worst thing she does is make a chocolate cheesecake....HOLY SMOKES you wanna talk about something good! Its not fair that its that good. I have gotten into the habit of having a sweet after supper, its really hard to not go find something sweet to eat. I do believe that you can eat what you want as long as its in moderation,'s not easy.

I bought a pedometer on my way home from work last night, I have it on right now and so far its at 3041 steps. You keep track of your steps at your usual activity level for four days, add them together and divide by four. This your base. You're goal is to get to 10,000 steps a day. Apparently that's the point where you start to burn enough calories to drop some of that jiggly stuff.

So wish me luck, I'll report in, and I will not shake my pedometer to get higher amounts of steps......I promise!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lucy and Me

well, I learned that Lucy isn't "dim" she just doesn't wanna stuff so she acts kinda....dim. Imagine that! I didn't really think she was, maybe Im the "dim" one for not putting that together on my own.

Lucy and I went to Obedience tonight. Didn't take Ness because Mom couldn't go and I can't work with two at once, and Lucy is the reason that we had to take obedience classes. Its a requirement to adopt from the SPCA.

Anyway Im over the moon, Lucy didn't throw up in the truck, she listened in class and was all around making me look good. YAY LUCY! Im a Proud Mom tonight!