Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HOT-TOBER Fest os gonna be CRA-ZAY

101.3 The BOUNCE presents HOT-TOBERFEST: A Party with LMFAO!!

Saturday, October 24th at The Halifax Forum Multi-Purpose Centre!!

Tickets available at, participating ticket pro locations and at


Frankie met his match in the form of a 7lbs Halifax Explosion Burger from The Ale House!

Photo of the day today is of Poor Hollywood! He feels so gross after attempting to eat the Halifax Explosion burger from the Halifax Ale House. I feel SO guilty for being hungry right now.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell _8815 #3, originally uploaded by Disney-Grandpa.

Haha CUTE! My sisters is OBSESSED with Tinker Bell. And I need a Halloween Costume........I was thinking about going as Sookie Stackhouse, but now I dunno......

Monday, September 28, 2009

Hot-tober Fest with LMFAO & 101.3 The BOUNCE!!

101.3 The BOUNCE presents HOT-TOBERFEST: A Party with LMFAO!!

Saturday, October 24th at The Halifax Forum Multi-Purpose Centre!!

Tickets available at, participating ticket pro locations and at


Caption These! / Photos of the day!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So I Suck!

I am TERRIBLE at keeping in touch with friends. They call and I get doing something then forget to call back, texts come but my phone is in my bag, and I get them hours or later or worse the next day....

To my homies, DUDE Im sorry, I suck, I swear Im gonna try to start getting back to people as soon as I can. Im forever making excuses and it's totally not on purpose!

xxoo I love you
Mel B

OMG EAT before you go to the Gym. Its good for you!

Let me start by saying if you are going to the gym, EAT PROPERLY before you go. Coffee for breakfast, instant oatmeal, and a banana for supper is NOT ENOUGH!

Soooooo, last night I had a fitness test with a trainer to establish where my fitness level is and what my main areas of improvement are, sounds great! We start by chatting about my reason for wanting to start the whole gym scene, check body fat, take measurements etc etc etc. Awesome, so off we go for a five minute test on the stationary bikes. FIVE minutes.....I didn't make it to 5 minutes and 3 1/2 MAYBE 4 minutes in, I feel kinda funny, then the cold sweat sets in and I gotta stop. I tell the trainer he asks me to describe how I feel, I do, and he tells me I have to get to the bathroom stat!! Um, not sure I can move off the bike......but he helps me off, and I'm doing that dizzy not sure how far away the ground is walk. I get into the bathroom, and I feel like I'm gonna yak...I start opening stalls, to my horror its shower after show where the F are the toilets....then finally I find one. A dry heave later two of the female trainers come in to see how I am, and they stay in the bathroom.....5 minutes later it has passed, a cold cloth on my neck and I'm back on track. Walk out of the bathroom and the trainer is waiting for me with an orange juice, drink about a quarter of this, and next time eat!

Do you want to pride said yes. So on we go to other tests for upper body strength, balance, core strength, etc etc etc.

The outcome. I'm 18 weeks away from SEXY baby! (not the trainers words) So I have to do some soul searching to make sure that I can commit to myself to improve myself over 18 weeks. you know there will be those days when it was a LONG day, and all you can think about is a pint of Ben and Jerry's If I had a Million Flavours ice cream a cozy blanket a remote control and a dog to snuggle with on the couch, but you have to go to the gym.....can I truly be disciplined enough to promise myself to do this, and not let myself off the hook if I miss a day. That's my question......


"A pet in the hand'2009" The king of the show=)

Mawwwww cute little rodent!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Season Three Confirmed!

Happy Dance....Happy Dance....Happy Dance.

Sookie, Tara, Lafyatte, Bill, Erik, Pam, Sam, Mrs. Thorton, The Queen, Andy, the whole cast + a host of new characters WILL return for Season Three of True Blood (Like There Was Doubt!)

Problem is....we have to wait until NEXT SUMMER :(

New Music On 101.3 The BOUNCE This week

Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind

Drake Ft Trey Songz & Lil Wayne - Successful

Mario Ft Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett - Break Up

Chiara vs. Rebecca

Chiara vs. Rebecca, originally uploaded by Chiara Ferragni.

haha...It always puzzels me when a girl finds out her man is cheating, they are always more likely to blame the other girl off the bat. Honestly, she could be just as suprised to find out about you as you are about her. Then again, there are chickas who LOVE to mess with a taken man, but never fully let him off the hook.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win a BOUNCE Roadshow
Two days before Marianas Trench, The New Cities and Carly Rae Jepsen play Dalhousie University’s McInnis Room on October 17th they’re holding a private concert … at your school!!

It's the biggest BOUNCE Road Show EVER, and any high school in HRM can win it!! Call Kid Craig at 420-1013 during The Interactive 9@9 and vote for your school!!

Vote fast and often because the school with the most votes takes it!!

Marianas Trench!! The New Cities!! Carly Rae Jepsen!!

It's a BOUNCE Road Show like HRM has never seen. This One is Epic!!

Win it with Kid Craig and The Interactive 9@9 only on Halifax’s New #1 Hit Music Station - 101.3 The BOUNCE!!

***Please note, this contest is only open to High Schools.

We've been hearing about students holding "Phone Parties" to get their votes in, invite as many people to meet up in one location, friends, parents, teachers, make sure everyone has a phone then, at 9:00 start dialing like MAD to get through as many times as possible before 9:30.

Good Luck!!
Mel B

Sleepy Cub

Sleepy Cub, originally uploaded by Deb Campbell.

Co,e on...say it with me...Mawwwwww cute!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh Jeeze

David Hasselhoff was rushed to hospital on Sunday night suffering from alcohol poisoning, according to U.S. reports.

The Baywatch star's 17-year-old daughter Hayley discovered her father "extremely drunk" and rang her mother Pamela, whose friend called the emergency services to Hasselhoff's home in Encino, California, according to

Paramedics arrived at the family property and took the star to hospital.

Sunday Nights....boring!!

Now that True Blood has wrapped up for another season, it has left a GAPING hole in Sunday Night TV watching! I hope it isn't a year until True Blood gets rolling again. Gotta start looking for the start date of Season three and keep watching season one on DVD until season two comes out.....

jour J + 43 jours : Et je t'emmerde !

Alright, there is absolutly one thing I believe to the very bottom of my soul.....You can not have too much toilet paper! I swear when there is a toilet paper sale, it's Mel B and old ladies in the line up with full carts of toilet paper! Sometimes I even have friends come with me when there is a limit of four per customer!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Urban Exploration Video

Again Disclaimer.......I don not condone trespassing.....

I found this video a group of guys explored an abandoned Mental Hospital. There is a good explination of the history of the building in the start of the video.

There is a fair amount of cussing so probably not work safe unless you have the volume turned down.

Urban Exploring

Sinteranlage 19-04-08_15, originally uploaded by Matthijs Dijk.

Alright, I have to say this first... I don't encourage trespassing.

There is a band of Photographers all over the world, who visit abandoned building, for the purpose of exploring them only. No intent for distruction of property or any other less then acceptable activities. It's just for the documentation of what time does to an empty building once the people are gone. You'll the people who do this are VERY secretive about the locations of these building, you pretty much have to discover them yourself. If you're going to give this a try, BE CAREFUL. getting hurt isn't worth the shot and always go with a buddy or two. There are AMAZING photos all over the internet, even some videos of the exploration.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alma da Espanha

Alma da Espanha, originally uploaded by flaviochan.

A little creativity goes a long, long way!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photographers are nuts!

IMG_0072, originally uploaded by Hiep Ngo.

hahaha, I love this picture because its a PERFECT example what a photographer will do to get the shot, you climb things you'd never climb, twist yourself into shapes a Yoga teacher would be impressed with, all to get the shot or interesting angle. ha! So next time you see someone all twisted up with a camera, don't laugh and wait before you walk into the frame. please.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay so I Googled for an Image of a woman working out.....needless to say the I.T. secret police will more than likely be busting down the studio door any second.

Anyway, Jordan Knight has taken on the task of whipping me into shape, and God love her she's all for it. Last night we worked on upper body, when I got home I was going to do a blog entry about the gym, but to my suprise after working my arms, my fingers were beyond sloppy for typing, infact today not that much better.

Anyway, I hated going to the gym the last time I tried this. Now its great. I think the right gym partner is key.

Hopi Hari

Hopi Hari, originally uploaded by Thiago Pinheiro.

When was the last time you felt this happy / excited / had this much fun??

Monday, September 14, 2009

True Blood Season Finale

Okay, so I missed the Kanye West douchbaggery at the VMA's because I was watching the Season Finale of True Blood. So Many questions!! as expected of course....if you have read the books, this Sam story line has set things up for "Hot Shot" to come into the picture, which should be interesting. Also in the Books Bill gets kidnapped, but Im not going to say who by or why that would be mean.

The bit about Jason killing Eggs and Andy covering for him, not sure what's going to happen there, but its going to be interesting.

How funny are Arlenes kids

"When Rene Coming back"?

"Oh he's still away on vacation"

Arlene walks away...

"He's dead"

"Yeah He's dead"

Great show now release season two on DVD ASAP! I gotsta have it.

New Trailer!!

Rouge et Noir III

portrait photography is very common, but, it's importnat to find ways to keep portraits fresh and interesting. Im not suggesting we should all find ways to stick stuff on people faces and make it all artsy all the time. But once in a while.....why the heck not!?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I had no idea this was a great big mystery.....

Hetre is Tyra Banks and her "real hair" you know she loves the weaves, wigs and other hair thingies to achieve her model look...

okay, um, right

Oil Wrestlers, Edirne, Turkey 2008

Yağlı güreş (English pronunciation: /ˈjɑːlə ˈɡʊərɛʃ/, Turkish: [ˈjaːlɯ ˈɟyreʃ]) is the Turkish national sport. It is commonly known as oil wrestling (sometimes as grease wrestling) because the wrestlers douse themselves with olive oil. It is related to Uzbek Kurash, Tuvan Khuresh and to Tatar Köräş. The wrestlers, known as pehlivan (from Persian پهلوان or pahlavan, meaning "hero" or "champion") wear a type of hand-stitched lederhosen called kisbet (sometimes kispet), which were traditionally made of water buffalo hide, but now also of calfskin.

Unlike Olympic wrestling, oil wrestling matches may be won by achieving an effective hold of the kisbet. Thus, the pehlivan aims to control his opponent by putting his arm through the latter's kisbet. To win by this move is called paça kazık. Originally, matches had no set duration and could go on for one or two days, until one man was able to establish superiority, but in 1975 the duration was capped at 40 minutes for the baspehlivan and 30 minutes for the pehlivan category. If no winner is determined, another 15 minutes—10 minutes for the pehlivan category—of wrestling ensues, wherein scores are kept to determine the victor.

The annual Kırkpınar tournament, held in Edirne in Turkish Thrace since 1362, is the oldest continuously running, sanctioned sporting competition in the world. In recent years this style of wrestling has also become popular in other countries, most notably the Netherlands and Japan.

Matches are held all over Turkey throughout the year, but in early summer the wrestlers gather in Kırkpınar for the annual three-day wrestling tournament to determine who will be the baspehlivan (chief hero) of Turkey. Every year, around 1000 wrestlers attend the tournament. Ottoman chroniclers and writers attest that the Kırkpınar Games have been held every year since 1362, making them the world's oldest continually sanctioned sporting competition. Only about 70 times were the Games cancelled. The matches have been held there since 1924, where they were moved after the Balkan War. The original site had been some 35 kilometres distant.

Kırkpınar, on the outskirts of Edirne (the second capital of the Ottoman Empire until the fall of Constantinople in 1453), was once the site of the summer hunting palace of the Ottoman Sultan.

Sounds Fun!
~Mel B

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

check this one out too another per-view *spoilers*

The Season Finale for True Blood is gonne be CR-AZY

Holy Smokes!

5th September - eye eye

5th September - eye eye, originally uploaded by *superhoop*.

The photographer tells how see thought this one up and set up the shot. Have a boo, always interesting to follow someones creative process.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paramore Covers Kings Of Leon


Luda! What a nice guy!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For More Information Contact:
Thursday, August 27, 2009 Barry Florence - 202-365-5401


“Ludacris, The Ludacris Foundation, and Nissan South will give away more than 20 used vehicles to qualifying Metro Atlanta residents during Ludacris’ annual LudaDay weekend festivities”
ATLANTA, GA – Ludacris, The Ludacris Foundation, and Nissan South are partnering to give away 20 used vehicles to several deserving Metro Atlanta area residents during his LudaDay weekend. Ludacris transformed this holiday weekend into LudaDay Weekend to celebrate with friends and ardent fans, as well as, an opportunity to give back to the community. “My foundation’s LudaCares Initiative is dedicated to supporting youth and families in need”, said Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges.

“Our major focus is youth and supporting the family structure stated Roberta Shields, President of The Ludacris Foundation. The Foundation helps people year around through our LudaCares Program. This year we want to do something to help youth and families manage during these tough economic times. Having a vehicle to get back and forth to work and daycare can make the difference in getting and keeping a job, she stated.”

All vehicles will be clean and have passed emissions and Georgia State safety requirements. The event entitled “Stars for Cars - The LudaDay Giveaway” will be held Sunday, September 6, 2009 between 1pm – 3pm at Nissan South on 6889 Jonesboro Rd., Morrow, GA 30260.

In order to be awarded a vehicle, contestants must apply by September 3, 2009 to The Ludacris Foundation at Applications should include: Full Name, Address, and Contact information. Applicants will be asked to write a one page essay on why they feel they deserve the car.

In order to qualify for a car you must display a need for a car, don’t currently have a vehicle, be at least 18 years old at the time of the contest and have a valid Georgia Drivers License. All applications will be screened. Selected applications will be contacted for phone interview. The selected applications will be invited to vehicle giveaway. You must be present to win. Sign a release form.

All donated vehicles will have passed emissions and Georgia State safety requirements. Each vehicle donated will also carry a standard 30 day power-train warranty and free gas for 30 days. Winning applicants will be responsible for Tax, Registration, Tags and Insurance.

This event is a private event and is not open to the public. Media wishing to attend should direct questions/inquiries to Barry Florence, BDC World Public Relations at 202-365-5401. For more information on the LudaCares car give away go to: Photos can be serviced to publications for coverage pieces.
About the Ludacris Foundation

The Ludacris Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to help young people achieve their dreams through the encouragement of “Principles of Success.” We aim to show young people in America that they are the builders of their future. We primarily use music and the arts to connect with young people by listening to their views, issues, and challenges. Our efforts reach youth at all age levels.

Founded in 2001 by multi-platinum selling, GRAMMY® award winning artist and actor, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, TLF has achieved notable success. TLF has been named as one of the top twenty "Leading Philanthropy Foundations" by Black Enterprise magazine and featured in The Robb Report’s Worth magazine and The Chronicles on Philanthropy, The Newspaper of the Non-Profit World, for outstanding efforts provided to urban communities. For more information, visit

leitura e amor

leitura e amor, originally uploaded by fabricio leal..

I have spotted pictures like this a couple of different times, and each time it's a little different. It's a great experiment in directional lighting and really tight shots. You just need a light, a ring and a book and you can move the light around and get that shadow heart in a tonn of different sizes.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Whale or Mermaid?

This is good!

Recently, in a large French city, a poster featuring a young, thin and tan woman appeared in the window of a gym. It said:


A middle aged woman, whose physical characteristics did not match those of the woman on the poster, responded publicly to the question posed by the gym.

To Whom It May Concern:

I love this, especially the last line! ~M

Whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, sea lions, curious
humans). They have an active sex life, they get pregnant and have adorable baby whales. They have a wonderful time with dolphins stuffing themselves with shrimp. They play and swim in the seas, seeing wonderful places like Patagonia, the Bering Sea and the coral reefs of Polynesia.

Whales are wonderful singers and have even recorded CDs. They are incredible creatures and virtually have no predators other than humans. They are loved, protected and admired by almost everyone in the world.

Mermaids don't exist. If they did exist, they would be lining up outside the offices of Argentinean psychoanalysts due to identity crisis. Fish or
human? They don't have a sex life because they kill men who get close to them not to mention how could they have sex?

Therefore they do not have kids either. Not to mention who wants to get close to a girl who smells like a fish store? The choice is perfectly clear to me; I want to be a whale.

P.S. We are in an age when media puts into our heads the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with my husband and a coffee/ lunch with my friends. With time we gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.

Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, Good gosh, look how smart I am.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boy Cries Blood foolin'

A PSA About Texting and Driving

This is creating an HUGE buzz on the internet. If you haven't seen it yet, it is SHOCKING. After you watch it, you'll never even touch your cell phone for any reason while behind a wheel.

The Next Generation

The Next Generation, originally uploaded by >Sandy<.

Maaaaawwwwww......Cute right? Happy Thursday

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Music On 101.3 The BOUNCE This week

Marainas Trench - Beside You

Young Money - Every Girl

Jordan Sparks - SOS (Let The Music Play)

Three 6 Mafia - Shake My Ft Kaleena

El Azar

El Azar, originally uploaded by pepi.david.

Here is a sexy photo for Wednesday September 2nd. You can just imagine the man (or woman) who wear this hat....possible has those cards up his or her sleeve, and the dice are loaded. LMAO...too much??

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A different way to do it...

, originally uploaded by from a second story..

Okay, so we've talked a little about "Painting with light" in photography, you can achieve something close to this but it would take a LONG time, you'd have to shoot each window, and go outside open your shutter again, making shure you stayed on the same frame, do that for the number of windows, and you've got an entire night spent on one photo.....or, you can what was done here. Coloured cellophane. You know the plastic see through paper that fruit baskets come it? yeah that stuff, taped over windows, one shot and PRESTO done. Still some set up time involved, but whatever....great results.