Friday, March 27, 2009


Here are a few from Underworld.

What an inoportune time to faint!!

YIKES good news is shes fine.

Dads first broken bone documented!

I LOVE getting pictures of my girls that are crazy looking, this one I took last night and its one of my favs of Ness.

Took me an hour to get a picture of the two of them being still and looking at me. You think Kids are bad!!

Photographic evidence of Dads broken finger! Lucy and Dad made peace, Lucy loves to cuddle! She's a 60 pound lap dog.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Doggie DRAMA!

Lucy (Dad in the back ground)

And my father has a broken finger.......
Lets start at the beginning. I get home late from the station last night (and yes I live with Mom and Dad you try finding an apartment that will let you and two dogs move in!) Anyway, I get home the TV in the living is off no one seems to be around. I go back to Mom and Dads bedroom and there's Mom, "where's Dad?" I ask, Gone to emergency she said What??!! Why are you home and not there? Oh its a broken finger she tells me......
What happened was, Ness and Lucy are outside and the ropes that we tie them on got tangled around Ness' from leg and she was yelping in the back Yard because Lucy was trying to get to the back door to get in, so the rope kept getting tighter on Ness' leg. Dad goes into full hero mode and runs into the back Yard to see what going on, he tries to get hold of Lucy's collar to slack the rope and untangle Ness......Lucy thinks when you grab her collar she's in trouble, so she took off running and somehow Dads finger ended up dislocated and broken with a spiral break. He has to go see and hand surgeon, it might need a pin!
Good Lord!!
So I go pick Dad up at the emergency doors at the hospital last night around 11:30, luckily my Dad has a fantastic sense of humour!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fox picks on Canadian Military??!

First let me say, I would rather have peace than war. That is actually the opinions of Canadian Military Families. No one on the planet would rather have their loved ones home and safe more. However, that's not the reality of the world we live in. Canada is playing a very active role in Afghanistan, and we will likely have a presence there after the projected withdrawal date. In today's Metro there is a photo of a woman whose husbands remains arrived back in Canada yesterday, she is holding their child in her arms. These images are heartbreaking, as a Canadian I mourn with the families who have lost people. I stand beside the families who support their loved ones who are away, anywhere in this world doing what they signed up to do. I stand with the families who are still coping with the after effects of war, with mental injuries or physical ones. Its a hard life and a hard road to be on. I have had friends and a fiance overseas, I was lucky, they all came home. Some of their friends didn't and a few are still dealing with the loss and still trying to make it make sense. I stand with them, because they need the support. They need to know that people care, they need to know that as the war in Afghanistan continues, that its isn't just fashionable to sport your red on Friday, or have the yellow ribbon on your car. They need to be reminded that it does matter to us. As long as Canada is in Afghanistan, I will support the families and the men and women over seas. It's the only thing that feels right to me.

As far as Fox News goes, what can you expect from Fox? They made gross comments about the RCMP, really they attacked Canada in general, and I have a phone call in to my cable company to take Fox off of my account. I can not believe that jokes that are ill informed took up so much time on the evening news last night. John Stewart is funny because he knows what he's talking about, this guy, not funny, he's just a rude, ignorant bully.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Obedience Class With Ness and Lucy



Ness and Lucy

Welcome to my Blog. I've decided that my first blog topic would be about my first obedience class with my girls. First off, they are big-ish dogs, Ness is almost two and she comes in around 56 pounds. Then there is Lucy I adopted her about a month ago from the SPCA in Burnside and she's somewhere around 6 - 8 months, she comes in at 57 pounds. Yes she's a 60 pound puppy! Little back ground on them both.....It only took a couple of days for Ness to dig that Lucy was part of the family now. they have figured out that Ness is the dominant dog and Lucy has been coming around as the "enforcer". This works because Ness can be a trouble maker and gets pretty excited over the smallest things which winds Lucy up, but this also doesn't work for that reason.
This past Sunday was their first ever obedience class. Ness (the instigator/excitable one) walked into the place and lost her MIND! She wanted to play with the other dogs SO BAD! she was barking....that made Lucy bark the instructor was trying to teach the class no one could hear, No other dogs were going crazy...NONE. My dogs were like those bad kids in class that no one likes. They are usually pretty good we signed up for obedience class because that's one of the rules the SPCA has before you adopt from them, and I figured it would be good for Ness too. We didn't go because we had behaviour problems (which no one in the class would believe after their little show yesterday). The class is all about positive reinforcement, which means treats......lots....and ....lots of treats. They got so many treats yesterday, they stopped taking them, I assume they were full. Anyway, class ends and we're trying to leave the next class is coming in, Ness wants to play. I have my keys two clipboards my bag and Ness gets away from me, heads for a little black dog....I think it was black.....she wanted to play the little dog didn't. Now when you're in a class they teach you to stand in front of your dog to keep its attention on you. That's what the owner of the little black dog did, but, it kept me from getting to Ness because the woman kept stepping in my way. Then she turned around GLARING at me I'm talking killer dirty looks and tells me to get control of my dog.......I tell her sorry she got away from, this woman had a friend with her who also stepped in giving me dirty looks as my clipboards keys and bag go flying across the room. then a lovely woman tapped my shoulder and told me to follow her and she'd hold the door open for me, and then said its apparent some owners need lessons as well, that made me smile. So over to the truck Ness and I go, I get her, then go back for my stuff. There was a little girl with German Shepherd puppy who were beside us in the class, she picked up my things and brought them to me and told me not to stress over the woman with the little dog. Now you're wondering where Lucy was. I took Mom with me to work with Lucy, as the small dog started growling at Ness, Lucy comes bounding across the room dragging Mom behind her to play her "enforcer" role. The instructors got a hold of Lucy to stop her from getting involved. So Mom makes it outside with Lucy and the people from the class all went to talk to Mom, Mom said they were all very nice and understanding. So i managed to fill out my paper work and get home only to have Lucy get car sick in my brand new SUV. I was so embarrassed and stressed out I don't want to go back! But we already paid, that means we have to, so we'll work on the "Settle position," "sit," Learning their names, and look and HOPEFULLY Next week will be much less eventful. I'm still exhausted!