Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to look great in EVERY photo

"Never stand fully facing the camera," advises Miller. "Another important thing to watch out for is your posture — no slouching! And remember: It's not a passport photo. Add some personality!"

Don't feel uncomfortable about striking some poses in front of your mirror to practice, either. "It's the only way you'll know what angles best work for you," Miller says.

"Keep your head up and your shoulders back," says Miller. "Keep yourself tall to slim yourself instantly."

Turn your body three quarters to make yourself look thinner and more natural. Shift your weight to the back leg to "give shape and sass to your look," says Miller.

To combat arm flab, put your hand on the hip facing the camera, which will immediately make your arm look trim.

If you want to look great in photos, resist the urge to go over the top with cheesiness. "After a drink or two, it may seem hilarious," Miller says, "but getting too gummy or toothy is never a flattering look for anyone." Try a half-smile, which is sexy and intriguing.

Make sure to keep hands soft. "Don't let your fingers hang weirdly," says Miller, "and above all, avoid the claw-hand."

"The key to posing with someone else," Miller says, "is to tuck yourself into your friend and really lean back. This puts you both at your best advantage." You also want to make sure you keep your hair off the shoulder closest to the camera "so you open up your face."

If you're having trouble getting a comfortable, natural-feeling pose, Miller suggests breathing deeply and relaxing. "If you feel stiff, just shake it out," she says. "It sometimes helps to look away for a moment and then throw a look to the camera."


Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Hate Mail!!

I am a fan of Twilight, but this is kinda funny...

Kids makeover Jersey Shore

Wednesday, May 5, 2010