Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The National Basketball League of Canada is pleased to announce the Top 20 players for its inaugural All-Star Weekend, presented by Rogers Communications Inc., taking place March 31-April 1 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“We’re pleased with the caliber of players who will be bringing their talents to Halifax for this exciting event,” said Andre Levingston President & CEO of NBL Canada and the Halifax Rainmen.

Over 213,000 fans cast their votes for the inaugural NBL Canada All-Star top 20. The results were submitted to the seven NBL Canada Head coaches for the final decision.

Top-ranked London has three players on the roster, Gabe Freeman, DeAnthony Bowden and Eddie Smith, who has been chosen as a team Captain.

"I think that it is a great accomplishment for DeAnthony, Gabe and Eddie to make the All-Star Team," said London Lightning head coach Micheal Ray Richardson. "It just goes to show that if you put in the time and work, good things will happen. I think it's great that Eddie Smith has been named a team captain; he's a guy that's come off the bench and performed at a high level every game this year. It is a great accomplishment."

Host city Halifax will count on players Taliek Brown, Joey Haywood and Tyrone Levett as ambassadors for the inaugural event. Haywood was also named Captain.

Captains Smith and Haywood will partake in a Fantasy Draft via conference call tomorrow afternoon at 12:00 p.m. AST to choose their teams. Follow their selections live on NBL Canada’s Twitter and Facebook. The two coaches who lead their teams to the finals will coach the two All-Star teams.

Saint John and Oshawa tied for the most players with four apiece. Anthony Anderson, Darren Duncan, Kevin Francis and Isaac Kuon from Saint John; and Omari Johnson, Morgan Lewis, Brandon Robinson and Tut Ruach from Oshawa.

Rounding out the All-Star selections are Moncton’s Trayvon Lathan and Darrell Wonge; Quebec’s Ralphy Holmes, Ricky Volcy and Yannick Anzuluni; and Mike Williams from Summerside.

Six of the top 20 players are Canadian. Summerside’s Chris Cayole was chosen as an All-Star, but due to injury has been replaced by Quebec’s Anzuluni.

"This is a great honor for our players to be named to the All-Star," said Quebec Kebs head coach Rob Spon. "It's also nice that both of our Canadian players - Ricky Volcy and Yannick Anzuluni - have been named All-Stars. The fans in Halifax will be seeing a great game with the best talent in the league."

All-Star Weekend will consist of exciting, family-friendly events ranging from an All-Star breakfast and youth basketball clinics to a three-point shoot out, slam-dunk contest, legends game, and of course the All-Star game.

All-Star Weekend tickets are on sale now at Ticket Atlantic locations at the Halifax Metro Centre or Superstore locations. Tickets can also be purchased online at or by calling toll free at 1-877-451-1221.

Floor seating and minor basketball, senior and military discounts are available exclusively through the Halifax Rainmen corporate offices. Contact the Halifax Rainmen at 902-444-7246.

For more information on All-Star Weekend visit

TOP 20 – By Team


DeAnthony Bowden
Gabe Freeman
Eddie Smith (captain)


Taliek Brown
Joey Haywood (CAN) (captain)
Tyrone Levett


Trayvon Lathan
Darrell Wonge


Omari Johnson
Morgan Lewis
Brandon Robinson
Tut Ruach (CAN)


Yannick Anzuluni (CAN)
Ralphy Holmes
Ricky Volcy (CAN)


Anthony Anderson
Darren Duncan
Kevin Francis (CAN)
Isaac Kuon (CAN)


Mike Williams

The Raven TV Spot

Also, incase this is the first you're hearing about it, here is the full international Trailer

Wait...What?! Who?

Two New Rumored Couples #1 The Third Olsen - Elizabth


Alexander Skarsgard!

Lauren Conrad .......AND......

Yeah...That's Stephen Dorff!

DEV Tour Dates

Wanna See Dev on tour?? Here's where she'll be!

Wed, Mar. 28 New York, NY - Gramercy Theatre

Thu, Mar. 29 Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy Theatre
Sat, Mar. 31 Las Vegas, NV - Pure
Mon, Apr. 2 Scottsdale, AZ - Martini Ranch
Wed, Apr. 4 Boulder, CO - Fox Theatre
Thu, Apr. 5 Des Moines, IA - Wooly's
Mon, Apr. 9 Toronto, ON - Mod Club
Tue, Apr. 10 Montreal, QB - Corona Theatre
Wed, Apr. 11 Orlando, FL - University of Central FL Arena
Fri, Apr. 13 Stockton, CA - University of Pacific
Mon, Apr. 16 Boston, MA - Middle East
Tue, Apr. 17 The Trocadero - Philadelphia, PA
Thu, Apr. 19 Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel
Fri, Apr. 20 Columbus, OH - A&R Music Bar
Sat, Apr. 21 Indianapolis, IN - Butler University
Thu, Apr. 26 York, PA - York College
Fri, Apr. 27 Morrisville, NY - SUNY Morrisville

Monday, February 20, 2012

Yay!!!....wait what?

Pretty Happy about this.......but........did you notice this on the cups?

DO NOT MICROWAVE??? It's on the non-Roll Up The Rim Cups too......

Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet Trixie Whitley.

A Thousand Thieves on

A Thousand ThievesFilmmaker Matthu Placek's Tempestuous New Video for Trixie Whitley's Soaring BalladA heartbroken but defiant Trixie Whitley faces a storm of emotions in the video for her new song, “A Thousand Thieves,” directed by filmmaker Matthu Placek. The daughter of blues legend Chris Whitley, Trixie grew up between Belgium and New York in a family of passionate musicians, artists and writers, learning drums, guitar and piano at an early age. For the past two years the singer-songwriter has been recording and touring with Black Dub, the band of super-producer Daniel Lanois who worked with Brian Eno on U2's The Joshua Tree and has produced records for artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Willie Nelson. Currently soloing across Europe, Whitley caught Placek's attention with her soulful, smoky vocals and sensitive tunes while performing at New York salon Le Poisson Rouge. "All of a sudden, she lets out her voice and I just flew against the wall," says the former V magazine and Vogue photographer. They bonded that night, and soon Whitley was standing in a Balenciaga dress singing into four high-powered fans over a 14-hour day to the single take. "She really knows what she wants," says Placek. "You'd think she's this shrinking violet—and she is––but she is strong. She's very true to herself."

I am forever looking for music to fit a mood or a feel I have for an idea for a Photoshoot. This is one of them. I LOVE this, I can't wait to shoot with this song on. EMOTION EMOTION EMOTION!

Seriously, A French Bulldog, and her Little Piglets!

BERLIN - Forget the three little pigs hiding from the big bad wolf. These six little pigs have found a new friend in a maternal French bulldog named Baby.

The Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin said Baby took straight to the wild boar piglets when they were brought in Saturday, three days old and shivering from cold.

Sanctuary worker Norbert Damm said Wednesday that, as soon as the furry striped piglets were brought in, Baby ran over and started snuggling them and keeping them warm, even though they're almost her size.

The 8-year-old bulldog has stayed right by their side since then, making sure they're OK, Damm said.

"She thinks they're her own babies," Damm said.

It isn't the first time Baby's taken to new guests at the sanctuary — she's also raised raccoons, cats and many other animals, Damm said.

"She's an uber-mother," he said.

The piglets' own mother was likely killed by a hunter and the litter of three males and three females was found abandoned in a forest.

At the time they were found they weighed in at under a kilogram (two pounds) each but are being bottle-fed at the sanctuary and are growing well, Damm said.

He said they can't be released into the wild because they have no fear of humans, but it should be possible to set them free in a nature reserve in about three months, once they can feed themselves.

Wild boars are common in Germany, even in big cities, and herds have been growing as expanding commercial crops have provided them with more food.

Recent estimates have put the boar population at more than 10,000 in Berlin alone, where they live in extensive wooded areas and often venture into backyards and sports fields, tearing up turf to look for food.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't get me wrong I LOVE my DC's but in the summer.....Chucks call my name

I'm prolly gonna scoop up a pair of these!

The collection includes four different graphic design images that were created by award winning designer and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett. All four styles utilize the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker as the canvas, finished off with the clean white midsole to round out the colorful uppers. The collaboration will include a free single entitled ‘DoYaThing’ featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000. The sneaker will release in a few weeks on February 23rd, 2012 and will be available for purchase directly through the Converse online store.


She LOVES to swear....we have that in common!

AO60M by YardieGoals

Monday, February 13, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Psssssssst Hey, Wanna go to Canadas BIGGEST Party??

The BOUNCE Party Plane flies again!! Straight to downtown Ottawa and The 2012 JUNO Awards!!

When you hear the sound of the BOUNCE Party Plane taking off, call 420-1013 to register for a trip for two to the 2012 JUNO Awards in Ottawa.

You'll fly to Ottawa courtesy of Thomas Cook and UFX, stay at The National Hotel & Suites Ottawa and get invites to JUNO events like The JUNO Songwriters’ Circle Presented by CMPA & SOCAN, The JUNO Cup Presented by The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, JUNOfest Presented by the SiriusXM Canada and JUNO Fan Fare Presented by Virgin Mobile.

The 2012 JUNO Awards Broadcast takes place April 1st, 2012 on CTV and 101.3 The BOUNCE will take you there on The BOUNCE Party Plane!! Get on it!!

Grand prize includes:

Flights for 2 with Ultimate Fan Experience

3 nights accomodation at National Hotel & Suites Ottawa

2 tickets to the JUNO Cup presented by The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

2 tickets to the JUNO Songwriters’ Circle presented by CMPA and SOCAN

2 Wristbands to JUNOfest presented by SiriusXM Canada

2 Wristbands to JUNO Fan Fare presented by Virgin Mobile

2 Tickets to the 2012 JUNO Awards Broadcast

1 $50 Gift card courtesy of The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

1 $50 Gift card courtesy of hmv Canada

1 JUNO 40th Anniversary Book: “Music from Far and Wide: Celebrating 40 Years of the JUNO Awards”


Friday, February 10, 2012

Rob Pattinson....I don't get it.......

Seriously : Stash fan rejoyce!!! A fuzzy Upper lip has Never been cooler!

Move over, Cannes. Maine will be playing host to its first-ever international mustache film festival, part of its annual pageant that celebrates the bristly facial hair.

The festival set for March 30 in Portland will feature short films with storylines that involve mustaches or a main character who wears a mustache, said Nick Callanan, head of No Umbrella Media, a video production company organizing the event.

The idea for the mustache film festival, believed to be the first of its kind, grew out of an annual mustache pageant held locally to benefit arts and cancer research organizations, he said.

This year's 2012 Stache Pag will feature contestants wearing all manner of mustaches, from handlebars to horseshoes, Callanan said. There are also the walrus and Fu Manchu styles, he said.

"It's just about men expressing themselves," he said.

To be considered for the festival, films must be eight minutes or less and have a mustache theme or a main character with a mustache. Callanan said he has received submissions from as far away as Norway.

The films will be screened ahead of the pageant, which has been held annually for five years at bars, bowling alleys and elsewhere, he said.

What began as a gathering of friends mushroomed into an event that attracted some 450 people last year, he said.

The pageant includes categories for various types of mustaches, including the "Magnum, P.I.," named after the amply mustachioed television character played by actor Tom Selleck.

Popular Hollywood movies that would be considered "mustache films" might include "Smoky and the Bandit," starring Burt Reynolds with a thick mustache, "Tombstone" with Val Kilmer or films featuring action star Chuck Norris.

Proceeds from the film festival will be donated to Northeast Historic Film, a film preservation organization, and those from the pageant will be given to an arts support organization called MENSK and a cancer research fundraising group called My Stache Fights Cancer.

(Reporting By Daniel Lovering, Editing By Ellen Wulfhorst and Patricia Reaney)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Funniest Video EVAH!! Here is what happens when a helmet cam gets put on backwards!

Hilarious Go Pro Face - Watch More Funny Videos

Now this is a Study I care about!!

Is this the best study so far this year? I'm not going to argue against it. A new study out of Israel has found that if you want to lose weight you should . . . eat a BIG PIECE OF CAKE with breakfast.

--Seriously. In their study, they monitored two groups of people who were dieting. The people in the groups ate the same basic stuff, but one group ate DELICIOUS DESSERT with their breakfast every single day.

--After 32 weeks, the people who ate dessert with breakfast every day lost an average of FORTY POUNDS more than people who didn't. That's an insane weight loss difference.

--Here's why. When you eat dessert in the morning, you spike your metabolism and have all day to burn it off. More importantly, by indulging in dessert, you stop your dessert CRAVINGS later in the day.

--People who didn't have dessert showed WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS. Eventually, almost all of them caved and started eating desserts . . . but did it later in the day, when it didn't help their metabolism or give them time to burn it off.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Juno Nominations


Arcade Fire
Avril Lavigne
City and Colour
Ginette Reno
Justin Bieber
Michael Bublé

City and Colour - Fragile Bird
Hedley - Invincible
Johnny Reid - Let’s Go Higher
Nickelback - When We Stand Together
The Sheepdogs - I Don’t Know


Adele 21
Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
Lady Gaga - Born This Way
LMFAO - Sorry For Party Rocking
Rihanna - Loud


Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullabye
Drake - Take Care
Justin Bieber - Under the Mistletoe
Michael Bublé - Christmas
Nickelback - Here And Now


City and Colour
Michael Bublé
Check out the COMPLETE listing of all the Juno Nominations here

The Shat to Host the Junos!!

CTV and The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) announced today that Canadian icon William Shatner will host CTV’s broadcast of THE 2012 JUNO AWARDS on Sunday, April 1 from Scotiabank Place in Ottawa. Tickets for the 2012 JUNO Awards go on sale on Friday Feb.10, beginning at 10 a.m. ET through the Scotiabank Place Box Office, The Sens Store locations at Carlingwood Mall and Place D’Orleans, Ottawa Sports Experts, Les Galeries de Hull; by phoning (613) 599-FANS (3267), (toll free) at 877-788-FANS (3267) or online at

“I’m so pleased to be a part of THE JUNO AWARDS,” said William Shatner. “To be part of Canada’s entertainment industry is a point of pride.”

“A true Canadian icon, we are thrilled to welcome the man and the legend, William Shatner, as host of THE 2012 JUNO AWARDS broadcast,” said Phil King, President CTV Programming and Sports. “A recording artist himself, Mr. Shatner will bring his irreverent sense of humour and love for his home country to his role as host of Canada’s Music Awards.”

"We're delighted to welcome one of our nation’s shining stars to Canada's biggest night in music," said Melanie Berry, President & CEO, CARAS/The

JUNO Awards. “William Shatner is a Canadian hero, and with his love for music, the stage, and entertaining as a whole, it’s sure to be an incredible show!”

Best known for roles as Captain James T. Kirk on STAR TREK and the Emmy® Award- winning role of Denny Crane on BOSTON LEGAL, Shatner is one of entertainment’s most recognizable stars. Born and raised in Montreal, Québec, Shatner has a career spanning over 50 years as an award-winning, actor, director, producer, recording artist and author. His television and film credits span about 200 titles, including $#*! MY DAD SAYS, T.J. HOOKER, TEKWAR, THE PRACTICE and Miss Congeniality. And Shatner is no stranger to the music industry. Known for being a quirky and dramatic spoken word artist, Shatner has released three albums over the span of his career, titled The Transformed Man, Has Been and the recently released Seeking Major Tom. His renditions of “Mr. Tambourine Man” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” have become cult hits. In February, Shatner opens on Broadway with Shatner’s World at the Music Box Theatre in New York City.

Following announcements made by CTV and CARAS today, the current performance lineup for THE 2012 JUNO AWARDS broadcast is Blue Rodeo, City and Colour, deadmau5, Feist, Hedley and Nickelback. Additional performer announcements will be released in the coming weeks.

Since CTV joined forces with CARAS in 2002, The JUNO Awards have travelled across Canada, bringing a live, electrifying stadium show to millions of Canadians. CTV has broadcast THE JUNO AWARDS from St. John’s (2002), Ottawa (2003), Edmonton (2004), Winnipeg (2005), Halifax (2006), Saskatoon (2007), Calgary (2008), Vancouver (2009), back to St. John’s (2010), Toronto (2011) and now back to Ottawa (2012). The 2013 JUNO Awards are confirmed for Regina, SK.

**A Complete List of whos' nominated for what coming ASAP!!**

Drake Drama


Drake responded to a lawsuit filed by his alleged ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee that claims she deserves co-writer credit on his song "Marvin's Room."

In a court filing, Lee states that the Toronto rapper asked her to record the song's opening monologue and hook and sent her several text messages citing her contribution and offering her a percentage of the royalties. She also states that the two had a romantic relationship that soured after the song was recorded.

A spokesperson for Drake countered that she did not ask for compensation prior to retaining a lawyer.

"This claim is entirely without merit and our client has not engaged in any wrongful conduct," a spokesperson for Drake told "The Hollywood Reporter." "Ericka Lee consented to the use of her voice in the song 'Marvin's Room' prior to its release. Lee asked only for the credit she received as 'Syren Lyric Muse,' and she did not ask for any compensation. It was only after she retained a lawyer that there was a demand for payment. Drake tried for months to resolve the matter amicably, and he now looks forward to being vindicated in court."

Monday, February 6, 2012

Madonna as She-Ra

She-Ra is that you?

L-U-V Madonna....Or L-I-K-E Madonna

Madonna's Half Time. I was diggin' the whole Roman thing, but I felt like there were very obvious points where the Material Girl was trying WAY too hard. It wasn't bad, and I did find entertaining. Cee-Lo Green Was a highlight for me. He could cover Like A Prayer and make Ol' Madge some more money.

Now, if you want to talk MAGIC at Half time, how about Purple Rain in The Rain?? Let's Go Crazy....All time BEST Half Time Show.....In my opinion.

Friday, February 3, 2012


We have ALL heard stories about new parents going a little overboard with their first born. As they should, but.....SIX NANNIES???

Seriously, Beyonce and Jay-Z have Hired SI Nannies to look after Blue Ivy Carter. Insiders are saying she get her diaper changed every hour, has a very expensive Rocking horse, diamond earrings, Platinum Bracelet and the list goes on and on. That's all fine, but 6 Nannies? That seems a little overboard. But them again, I'm not privy to in private life of Beyonce and Jay-Z, maybe it's a Nanny for the five cities they travel to most and one to travel with the baby? Who Knows!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Did you LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE The Backstreet Boys?

Then you'll LOVE this!! Yes it is AJ McLean in Drag.

2012 JUNO Award Nominations to be Announced Live on CP24, CTV News Channel, and Bell Mobile TV

Bell Media brings Canadians exclusive live coverage of THE 2012 JUNO AWARDS nominee press conference on Tuesday, February 7. The nominations will be announced live from the Design Exchange in Toronto, ON at 10:35 a.m. ET on CP24 and CTV News Channel, as well as on smartphones, superphones and tablets with Bell Mobile TV, subject to breaking news coverage. The press conference is available in its entirety on

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) will announce this year’s nominations and, jointly with CTV, reveal additional artists to perform during CTV’s live broadcast of THE 2012 JUNO AWARDS.

Already announced to perform on THE 2012 JUNO AWARDS broadcast are 2012 Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductees Blue Rodeo and JUNO Award–winning artists City and Colour, deadmau5 and Feist.

THE 2012 JUNO AWARDS airs live on Sunday, April 1, 2012 from Scotiabank Place in Ottawa on CTV and CTV Mobile.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just recieved this LOVELY note from a Listener on the West Coast!

Hi Mel B,

How are you? I'm really good. :) I'm listening to you and your radio station from

Montrose, British Columbia. Are you from British Columbia? I see that the Vancouver

Canucks are your favourite sports team. My son,  is 12 years old and he is the goalie

for a Peewee hockey team in Fruitvale, BC. He is also 6 feet tall, so he reminds me alot of Roberto Luongo. And we absolutely love Roberto & the Vancouver Canucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband is from your point, born and raised in the HRM. His Father was in the Navy for 28 years until he retired and moved his family back to his birthright of Castlegar, BC.

Our plan, if everything falls into place, is to move to Nova Scotia this summer, so wish us luck!

I can't wait. You have a great radio station there!. The radio stations here suck.

Have a terrific day in Halifax, the most beautiful city in Canada!..


Hi Michelle,
 No, I'm not from BC, I was born and raised here in Nova Scotia, (Cole Harbour to be exact, Yes the birth place of that Crosby guy HAHA!)
I am a Canucks fan, I just wish we could watch more of the games here in the East Coast, once in a while we get them, and of course with the time difference the games come on at about 11pm.
My Husband is a Goalie in a local Adults League, so I can talk Goalie gear for DAYS!! You should start looking for the "Goalie World" Magazine for your son. It's an amazing magazine and has TONS of amazing pointers for Goalies. Now I don't even skate and I've never stood in a Goal crease to block a shot but it seems to me that being a goalie is as much about Mental toughness as it positioning and controlling rebounds.
If you move to Halifax this summer you gotta come visit us here are The BOUNCE!! We'd love to be able to welcome you and your family to the city!

All the best, and Good Luck with your move!

Mel B

Be still my Star Trek Heart.....

Do you remember the apartment that was done over to look like the set of Star Trek?? You might not, but I do!! And it is in my Top 5 coolest things EVAH!!!! Well, turn out the guy who spent YEARS and about 150k putting it together, is getting divorced (which may or may not have been due to his sense of decorating) he has to take the WHOLE apartment apart, and it's going into STORAGE!!!! ugh....I'm devastated!

This is the Guy.......And below the AWESOME Apartment he created!