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Anti-Bullying Charity Now Accepting Applications for National Scholarship

BullyingCanada, Canada's National Anti-Bullying Charity is now accepting applications for the organizations Scholarship Program.

The scholarship is open to students in their final year of high school who have worked to end bullying in their schools and communities to aid them with their post secondary education. The first round has 3 $100.00 scholarships, with more to follow in the months to come.

The deadline for applications is March 1st. For more information, please speak to your school, or contact BullyingCanada. Applications can be downloaded online at: http://www.bullyingcanada.ca/ or can be requested by telephone at: 1-877-352-4497

Possibly the MOST ADORABLE thing you'll see all Day!

It's a Dormouse, and it's Snoring!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

There Really is a "Headwear Association" and the LOVE Kate Middleton!

The Headwear Association has selected Kate Middleton as the Hat Person of the Year. For the Record Charlie Sheen recieved 1% of the vote from the online poll.

For the Full Story and all of it's Hat-ie goodness Click

Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Looks men love (according to Redbook)

#1.) Jeans and a Tank Top. It might sound boring, but they say it's just sexy ENOUGH. According to "Redbook", it makes you look low-maintenance . . . which guys LOVE. And if you put on some knee-high boots, they'll like it even more.

#2.) The Librarian Look. To "Redbook", that means a pencil skirt, blouse, heels, and glasses. But the clothes don't matter nearly as much as the glasses do. As long as you've got glasses on and your hair up, you can pull it off.

#3.) Cocktail Dresses. If you're going to something more formal, guys prefer a cocktail dress to an evening gown.

--And it's not just because it's shorter. It's what it SAYS about you: A full-length dress makes you look more sophisticated, but a cocktail dress makes you look more fun and relaxed.

#4.) Sports Jerseys. Obviously, you'll mostly attract guys who like sports . . . but that's also the MAJORITY of guys. Fitted jerseys are best, or just take a normal jersey and tie a knot in the back.

(ps I couldn't find a photo I could use that didn't have the girl in the photo all *&%%* up. UGH)

#5.) Yoga Outfits. Especially the black stretchy pants. Again, it's because you'll seem low-maintenance. But it's also because they're form-fitting . . . and tend to make guys think about things like flexibility.

And now you know. Throw AWAY the Jeggings. They NEVER looked good. On ANYONE. Ever. ;)

**images via Google Images

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pat & Vanna used to get TIPSY when were playing WHEEL OF FORTUNE!

Seriously: Woman claims dad locked her in bathroom for 10 years - Weird News - Canoe.ca

A 21-year-old Palestinian woman has told authorities she was locked in a bathroom for the past decade by her father, who let her out only in the dead of night so she could clean their house.

Read the whole story here

Woman claims dad locked her in bathroom for 10 years - Weird News - Canoe.ca

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why The Muppet Movie was PG not G

Sex & Nudity

A male muppet and a female muppet are caught kissing as theater lights come on; they stop immediately.

A female muppet kisses a male muppet.

A male muppet kisses a chicken muppet.

A muppet tells an audience that he is going to imagine them naked; he closes his eyes and when he opens them again we see people wearing slips and tank tops, and the muppet corrects himself saying, "Sort of naked."

A muppet tells another muppet to imagine an audience of humans naked.

A man wearing a figure-hugging CGI motion-tracking suit covered with small sensor balls is heard saying, "I'm not done with my balls."

Violence & Gore

ATTENTION: Please note that violence is not violent and it is ALL played for laughs, non of the violence in this film is intense or gory in anyway.

Some comical scenes that involve people and/or muppets punching each other.

A muppet asks a man to throw him over a fence and a woman warns that she thinks the fence is electrified: we hear a crunching sound as the man folds up the muppet's legs and throws him against the fence, sizzling is also heard and we see large sparks as the muppet is electrocuted and falls to the ground with smoke coming off his hair and his face is singed (he acts unharmed).

Muppets attack a man, wrapping a rope around his torso and putting a bag over his head, a muppet karate-chops the man's neck and we later hear shouting and see the trunk of a car moving, implying that the man was stuffed in the trunk.

A muppet asks another muppet for kerosene so the muppet can burn some dresses, and a third muppet punches the first muppet in the face and we hear a thud as the muppet falls to the ground.

A man and a muppet fight over a pair of bolt cutters as they climb a high antenna, the muppet shoves the man and he falls to the ground; moments later the man groans and begins to move and we later see the man with a small cut on his cheek.

A muppet swings his arm around, about to throw a bowling ball at the head of a man, who is tied to a chair with a bowling pin on his head, the muppet shouts that his hand is stuck and we see him continue to swing his arm around throughout the movie, until he releases the bowling ball into a man's stomach; the man falls over and gets up moments later, dazed.

A muppet holding a muppet chicken dramatically jumps off a building, hits a sign as he falls, lands in a large crate filled with packing peanuts and is unharmed.

A man throws a fencing foil through a television screen that two muppets are watching and we see the screen shatter.

A muppet detonates an explosion that causes a giant factory to blow up; we do not see the explosion, but we hear it and see dust fly through the air as muppets, a man and a woman duck and one of the muppets coughs from the dust (they are unharmed). We see multiple comical explosions.

A muppet detonates a small explosion, we see smoke rise up, his face and teeth are singed and he falls over; a muppet uses a blowtorch to clean moldy food from a refrigerator.

A man and a muppet practice fencing: the man hits the muppet repeatedly as another muppet keeps score.

A muppet plays the drums on the heads of four small fuzzy creatures, and they squeak "ouch."

A robot clanks into furniture and walls as it slowly leaves a room; we hear the robot say "ouch" repeatedly.

We hear dramatized gunshots in the distance, followed by the sound of police sirens and we see flashing police lights. We see a man throughout a portion of the movie tied to a chair; he shouts at the audience, asking them to call the police because he had been kidnapped.

A muppet shouts at other muppets and angrily slams her head into a desk twice.

A man shouts at several muppets, saying, "You're dead!" Two muppets overhear a muppet telling other muppets and a man that she had "punched a guy in the face."

An older muppet jokes that half of the audience of the movie is not alive. We see newspaper headlines about a man having a head injury.

A muppet jokingly suggests that another muppet could set a muppet on fire for entertainment.

A muppet makes a joke that the catch of the day at a restaurant was salmonella.

We see a muppet using a whetstone to sharpen a knife as other muppets look at her.


1 mild anatomical term, name-calling (sausage snout, freaks, weirdoes, hippy-dippy, idiot), exclamations

"oh my gosh, heck," 2 not fully enunciated religious exclamations ("oh my ga-").


A hippy that looks like Willie Nelson sings the word "high" as a solo in a song, possibly implying drug use.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

Nothing frightening, since the film is for children

Source.... imdb.com

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Love to find...Love to share!!!

I love it when I find an interesting website that ALWAYS has new and usually interesting bits of information. All of it is written in quick lists, for example, The 8 Best Musicals, or 12 ways to beat the winter blues. Some lists are more fluff than anything, but always worth checking it out. Here's the link


Here is a tip from a list all about homemade acne treatments!

Baking soda works two ways as an at home acne treatment. First it exfoliates the skin by buffing away dead skin and opening up clogged pores. Another way is the alkaline substance of baking soda kills off bacteria in the skin that causes acne. To use baking soda, wet your face and then create a paste with baking soda and water in your hand. Massage the paste into your face gently for one minute. Finish by rinsing with cool water and patting dry.

Good stuff right??????

Seriously......A sleeping bag for your FACE!!

Try to deny that you were sleeping in one of these puppies!!

Designed by Kawamura Ganjavian I believe it's guaranteed to offer up some super AWKWARD moments at your cubical!

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What's the weather??


Snow beginning near noon except rain along parts of the coast. Snowfall amount 5 to 10 cm except rainfall amount 5 mm along parts of the coast. High plus 2.


Snow ending this evening then partly cloudy. Rain along parts of the coast early this evening. Low minus 8.


Mainly cloudy. Periods of light snow beginning in the afternoon. High minus 4.

Twilight Tattoos

First, I have to say that a Tattoo is a very personal thing. BUT have a look at the following Twilight Tattoos, and understand the IMPORTANCE of finding an ARTIST to do your Tattoo. Go to a few shops, talk with the people there, and have a look at their work, they all have portfolios that you can look through. COLLABORATE on a CUSTOM tattoo!! If you're not happy with a sketch, SPEAK UP it's on your body FOREVER!!!!

Okay, now some interesting Twilight Tattoos.

RIP Sarah Burke

From msn.com

Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke died Thursday of cardiac arrest after sustaining serious injuries in a skiing accident on Jan. 10.

Burke died at the age of 29 in hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, after tearing the artery that supplies blood to the brainstem during a training run in the superpipe at a personal sponsor event at the Park City Mountain resort.

As the result of a fall after completing a jump, she suffered a ruptured vertebral artery, one of the four major arteries supplying blood to the brain. This caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

Emergency personnel responded and CPR was administered on the scene during which time she remained without a pulse or spontaneous breathing.

Burke was rushed to hospital, where she was put on life support and therapeutic hypothermia was initiated to protect her brain. On Jan. 11, she had surgery to repair the torn artery, and had been in a medically induced coma until she died on Thursday morning.

After the operation, tests showed that Burke had sustained severe irreversible damage to her brain due to lack of oxygen and blood after cardiac arrest. This brain damage from lack of oxygen was ultimately fatal.

She died surrounded by those she loved. In accordance with her wishes, Burke's organs and tissues were donated to save the lives of others.

Burke's publicist, Nicole Wool, released a statement on Thursday afternoon.

"The family expresses their heartfelt gratitude for the international outpouring of support they have received from all the people Sarah touched," the statement said.

"Our hearts go out to Sarah's husband Rory and her entire family. It's difficult for us to imagine their pain and what they're going through. Sarah was certainly someone who lived life to the fullest and in doing so was a significant example to our community and far beyond. She will be greatly missed by all of us at the CFSA and the entire ski community," Canadian Freestyle CEO Peter Judge said in a statement also released on Thursday afternoon.

Legendary life

Burke's love of freestyle skiing started early. As a teenage moguls skier in Midland, Ont., she'd often sneak onto snowboard halfpipes for the last runs of the day.

"We did it on the last run so that if we got our tickets pulled we wouldn't be too bummed," she once told ESPN.

Burke went from an unwanted pest on the halfpipe to one of its biggest stars and advocates, winning Winter X Games gold medals and lobbying for the sport's inclusion in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Burke, who lived in Whistler, B.C., will go down as one of the legends of her sport.

Born in Barrie, Ont., and raised in Midland, Burke got her start skiing with her family when she was five years old. She took up moguls skiing and competed for Team Ontario before switching to freestyle and winning the halfpipe competition at the 2001 U.S. Open of Freeskiing.

"Sarah was a person who I think in many ways was larger than life and lived life to the fullest. She was a phenomenal representative of her sport and of young people, and of sport in general, and her participation in what she chose to do transcended that sport and went into a larger realm ..." said Judge.

Burke won four gold medals in superpipe at the Winter X Games and an additional gold in the event at the Winter X Games Europe, having swept both competitions in 2011. She was the early favourite for the event's Olympic debut.

She also won the 2005 world championships, was the first woman to land a 1080-degree spin (three full rotations) in competition and won the 2007 ESPY award as Best Female Action Sports Athlete.

Along with her accomplishments on the slopes, Burke will also be remembered for her fierce advocacy for halfpipe skiing's addition to the Olympics.

"She's been a pioneer," said Judge. "She was really one of the people that started out and led the sport in its very infancy and she rose to prominence very quickly and continued to ride that wave from the standpoint of trying to push the boundaries of the sport."

Though she was unsuccessful in getting halfpipe included at the Olympics in Vancouver, Burke continued to be a driving factor in the sport's inclusion in the 2014 Games.

"We've been fighting for years [and] it's not been an easy road," she told CBC reporter Teddy Katz on April 5, 2011, after the announcement was made.

"I woke up checking my phone a lot and keeping my fingers crossed. I knew it was looking good but you feel a little nervous. But finally when we heard that it was in, [I] was jumping for joy."

Judge spoke highly of Burke's fighting attitude towards bringing her sport into the foreground of winter sports.

"Sarah always approached sport from a 'Why not?' perspective. She carried that thought process all the way through her career," said Judge.

Burke leaves behind her husband, fellow skier Rory Bushfield.

Judge said that counselling and other resources have been made available to Burke's fellow athletes, friends and family. The Canadian Freestyle Ski Association also said that other member athletes will be made available to the media once they have received the counselling they need and feel ready to comment.

Burke's accident has raised many questions concerning the safety of athletes competing in halfpipe and superpipe events. Judge stressed that athlete safety had always been a primary concern of Burke's, from the beginning of her journey to have her sport included in the Olympics.

"Sarah was involved significantly in terms of creating safe mechanisms, not only for her to train, but for younger kids to learn," said Judge." He added that athletes are aware of the risks they are taking when they train and compete.

"There's an element of risk in any sport … there's an element of risk in walking down the street," Judge added.

The family has received several inquires about donations to be made in Burke's name. There have also been inquiries about helping with the family's extensive medical bills. For more information, check http://www.giveforward.com/sarahburke.

With files from The Canadian Press

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This guy is the First host for the Grammys in 7 years....

....and the Ladies Love Him......

Beatbox Flute. They didn't have that when I was in the Concert Band at Cole Harbour High!

Amazing 15-Year-Old Beatboxing Flute Player - Watch More Funny Videos

MEEEEP New Spoilers...more like hints from True Blood Season 5

O      M     G     You know I LOVE a Good Spoiler, and I've been waiting for some Alcide/Sookie greatness...and maybe....just maybe we will see it in Season 5!! Here's the scoop!!

Vampires, shapeshifters and werewolves were among the guests raising a glass to the Golden Globes at HBO’s post-show soiree Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton. We’re talking, of course, about the True Blood cast, several of whom were in a fairly chatty (read: scoopy) mood. Herewith are six of the meatiest, juiciest teases we extracted from them.

Janina Gavankar revealed that “a major thing happens to Luna early in the season, and it’s going to change her life forever.”

The cast learned that Chris Meloni was Bon Temps-bound last month at a table read, news that elicited “gasps” throughout the room, recalled Gavankar. “We’re so excited to have him.”

Alcide’s days of playing Mr. Nice Guy are over. “As you saw at the end of Season 4, he’s not taking anyone’s s— anymore,” said the man-beast’s portrayer, Joe Manganiello. “Now you’re going to see an Alcide who’s going to slam you up against the wall and do his thing. Who doesn’t like being slammed up against the wall, right?” Asked to clarify his use of the word “slam” — i.e. is it a euphemism for, ahem, another s-word — Manganiello cracked a devilish smile and replied, “It could be a fun slam. And it could be an angry slam. You never know?” He then reminded us that, “Alcide is single.”

The latest True Blood script Manganiello read contains “some really fun [Alcide-Sookie] stuff,” he revealed. “Stuff that makes you really nervous… I’m watching my words really carefully.”

Ryan Kwanten hinted that Jason may have bitten off more than he could chew with regard to his romance with Jessica. “As you know, anyone who gets involved with Jason better have her wits about her,” he said. “But I think in this case, it’s Jason who better watch out. The tables have finally turned.”

Where do you go after spending half of Season 4 being raped by a werepanther? “Even that can be topped,” teased Kwanten. “Jason was very lucky to survive; he was down for the count. He has a desire to life. I admire that in a man.”
I Can't Stand It!! Waiting Sucks!!
Also, if you've never been to this blog.... http://lovingtruebloodindallas.blogspot.com/ You need to bookmark it and check it often!!!

Alex Ovechkin gets his Rap on!! Seriously

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Grade 6 Student in Hampton NB.....

....was confined to a washroom at school, while two older girls held her down and cut her hair. The RCMP are investigating. This incident apparently happened last Thursday.

Friday, January 13, 2012

So there was a youtube video on Facebook yesterday that had some pretty freaky sounds in it, with LOADS of people guessing what the noise could be.

Here's one from The Ukraine

A Video from The Telegraph in England

The latest is from Costa Rica, I did find a website FULL of information and lots of Experts and a number of different hypothesis


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Principal being charged with unlawful practice of hypnosis!

A popular high school principal in Florida has been charged with two criminal offences after using hypnosis on two students who later committed suicide.

The Sarasota County state attorney charged George Kenney on Tuesday with two misdemeanour counts of “unlawful practice of hypnosis.”

Kenney, who has been on leave as principal at North Port High School since last May, is to appear in court Jan. 31.

The state attorney’s office has been investigating the 52-year-old since October, when the North Port police turned over their investigation with recommendations to prosecute.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported Thursday that Kenney has told the school district he’ll resign his job as of June 30. He has been working in district administration during the investigation.

The misdemeanour charges carry a maximum of a year in jail. The state attorney’s office declined to press more serious felony charges of unlicensed practice of health care.

Support for Kenney among the 2,300 students at the high school remained strong throughout months of investigation and tragedy.

Read the rest here, it's just plan WEIRD

RCMP say......

Nova Scotia RCMP are asking motorists to take extra precaution on our roadways as a winter storm impacts the province over the next 24 hours.

With snow and ice pellets expected, the RCMP would like to remind motorists of the challenges that slippery conditions can create for drivers of all types of vehicles traveling on the many roadways including the 100-series highways.

To prevent incidents from occurring RCMP are reminding road users of the following:

• Call 511 to listen for advisories or road condition updates;

• Please avoid any unnecessary travel;

• Ensure an emergency kit is prepared and in your vehicle;

• Ensure cell phones are charged and ready for use in the event of an emergency;

• Adjust your driving according to the conditions;

•Allow extra time to arrive at your destination;

• Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and those in front of you; and

• Ensure other motorists can see you. Turn on your headlights.

The RCMP are committed to ensuring safe homes and safe communities for Nova Scotians and needs the support of all motorists to keep our roadways safe.


Winter Parking Ban is in Effect for tonight, so make sure your mode of transportation is off the street!



Your weather.....


Increasing cloudiness. Snow beginning late this afternoon. Wind will pick up. High minus 2.


Snow mixed with ice pellets changing to rain showers late this evening then to drizzle overnight. Snow and ice pellet amount 5 to 10 cm. Rainfall amount 5 mm. Fog and wind in the mix as well. Temperature rising to 7 by morning.


Cloudy with a chance of drizzle in the morning. Rain beginning in the afternoon and ending in the evening then partly cloudy. Amount 10 mm. Fog. High 10.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012



January 23, 2012

The Vogue Theatre

Vancouver, BC

January 24, 2012

Kelowna Community Theatre

Kelowna, BC

January 25, 2012

Cleland Theatre

Penticton, BC

January 27, 2012

Festival Place

Sherwood Park, AB

January 28, 2012

Chrome Showroom

Calgary, AB

January 29, 2012

Capitol Theatre

Nelson, BC

February 3, 2012

McPhillips Casino

Winnipeg, MB

February 4, 2012

The Outpost

Thunder Bay, ON

February 6, 2012

Capitol Centre

North Bay, ON

February 8, 2012

Bronson Centre

Ottawa, ON

February 9, 2012

Empire Theatre

Belleville, ON

February 10, 2012


Toronto, ON

February 11, 2012

Corona Theatre

Montreal, QC

I'm too sexy for my Yearbook?!

The Colorado teen whose photo was too racy for her high school yearbook has had a second sexy photo rejected, and she's taken her fight for "freedom of expression" to the national airwaves.

Sydney Spies made headlines last week when the photo she submitted was deemed inappropriate by the Durango High School editorial board.

In the shot, the 18-year-old dancer and aspiring model is dressed in a flouncy yellow miniskirt with nothing for a top but a black scarf tied around her chest.

There was some debate as to who rejected the photo.

The yearbook's editors said it was their decision - and it had nothing to do with her revealing ensemble.

"We are an award-winning yearbook. We don't want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional," yearbook editor Brian Jaramillo was quoted as saying in the Durango Herald.

But Spies and her mother believe the school officials influenced the yearbook editors, who initially voted in favour of allowing the photo.

They hinted they might get the ACLU involved to defend against what they consider censorship.

"I'm a senior in high school trying to express my rights and make a difference in not only my school, but everywhere else in the world ... I want people to know that freedom of expression is essential and censoring yearbooks and people is wrong."

She appeared on the Today Show Monday and told host Matt Lauer the new photo, like the first one, is a true representation of her personality.

"I really honestly think that it describes who I am ... and I really do think it's artistic," she said. "I'm still hoping they might let me have that picture in there."

via Torontosun.com

Cheating Snooping and Forgiving. Where do Canadians Stand??

msn.ca has this interesting article, thought I'd share it here.

Zoosk.ca, a popular social dating network, recently conducted a Cheating and Monogamy survey amongst their 14,000 single users from nine countries, and lucky enough for us, gave us the dirt.

When it comes to cheating, Canadians aren't buying. Coming in number two behind the French at 79%, a whopping 75% of Canadian singles confirm they've never cheated on a partner.

The Brits at 74%, and the Americans at 73% aren't that far behind. Italians are the most likely to cheat with 40% owning up to indiscretions while in committed, monogamous relationships.

Information is current as of the original date of publication.

For the most part, singles rank monogamy as the ideal relationship in every country, and 92% of Canadian respondents seek out this exact kind of committed relationship. Again, naughty Italians – only 40% of them want the same. Interestingly though, 11% of Canadian men who responded said if given the chance, they'd prefer an open relationship, with only 3% of Canadian women feeling the same.

A politician with more than a wandering eye could find himself in hot water with Canadian women. A whopping 60% of respondents said that if a politico cheated on his or her spouse, it would most certainly affect their vote. American women seconded that motion 57%.

But Canadian men seemed to care a little less than the 50% of American men who agreed, with only 40% confirming such philandering would change their opinion and therefore influence their vote.

In every country, women were more likely than men to see flirting as cheating, whether by text, email or in person. Close to 40% of Canadian women think flirting is cheating compared to only 25% of Canadian men. Similarly, 39% of French woman compared to 30% of French men say the same.

And it's the Germans who are the most liberal when it comes to flirting it seems, with only 22% of women and 19% of men seeing flirting as cheating.

To snoop or not to snoop, that is the question. Canadian men seem to think not, with only 12% of them likely to snoop through a partner's phone and computer compared to 38% of Italian men.

Possibly unsurprising, women in all countries were more likely to snoop than their male partners, with 27% of Canadian women willing to snoop for signs of infidelity, compared to 50% of Italian women who wouldn't hesitate. American women were the least likely to dig for dirt with only 21% willing to violate their partner's privacy in this way.

When it comes to infidelity, both men and women struggle with letting go, but in the end women are less likely to actually forgive their partners. In Canada, 23% of women would forgive their partner, compared to 33% of men. The least likely to forgive were Swedish women at 16%, whereas 31% of Swedish men could get past it.

Overall, the Germans were the most forgiving, with 25% of women and 38% of men saying they would in fact forgive their partner if they cheated.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Incase you haven't been able to sleep at night......

.....because Amber Rose called Kim K a home-wrecker....well, She forgives Kim, Kanye Too! Phew, that is a huge weight off my shoulders!

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Monday, January 9, 2012

Four in Five Men Now Have Body Image Issues.....

 . . . That's More Than Women

--In a new survey by the University of the West of England, 80.7% of men, or more than four in five, admit they have body image issues. Only 75% of women in the survey said the same thing.

--And 38% of men said they'd actually give up years of their life for a perfect body. 12% would give up one year . . . 15.2% would give up two to five years . . . 5.3% would give up six to 10 years . . . and 5.3% would give up more than 10 years.

--Here are some more findings from the study . . .

--63% of men feel like their arms or chests aren't muscular enough.

--30% of men say they've heard someone refer to their "beer belly" . . . 19% have heard someone call them chubby . . . and 19% have heard someone talking about their MAN BOOBS.

--4% of guys have made themselves sick to try to control their weight. 3.4% have tried taking laxatives to lose weight.

(The Guardian)

(image via Google Images)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Whoa! Jason Derulo had a Close Call!

Jason Derulo nearly paralyzed himself while performing a stunt for his Future History World Tour.

He was going for an acrobatic move but landed directly on his head and fractured a vertebra.

Derulo was rushed to Memorial West Hospital in Pembroke Pines, FL where Docs told him that he could have paralyzed himself.

The singer than had to cancel all his tour dates and promotions and has to wear a neck brace from a few months.

via perezhilton.com

*** Update Official Press Release about Jason Derulo from Warner Records

January 6, 2012 — Burbank, CA — Multi-platinum singer and songwriter Jason Derulo suffered an injury to his neck on Tuesday, January 3rd, and has been forced to cancel all touring and promotional activities.

The 22-year-old Miami native injured himself while training for his upcoming World Tour in support of his current album Future History, which was scheduled to commence in Glasgow on February 23rd. While executing an acrobatic move, Derulo landed directly on his head, and suffered an acute fracture to his vertebra. After being rushed to Memorial West Hospital in Miami’s Pembroke Pines, FL, he was told by doctors that the accident could have left him paralyzed. Derulo has been released from the hospital but must wear a neck brace for the next few months. Anyone holding tickets for upcoming shows will be refunded at point of purchase.

“To all my fans who planned to come to the Future History World tour, the pain of letting you down cuts me way deeper than this injury I’ve sustained. My fans mean everything to me, so I’m praying for a speedy recovery in order to perform for you in the near future.”



Thursday, January 5, 2012

????????? o_O

True Blood Season 5 SPOILERS through the Casting Call sheet........

Looks like episode 3 will be entitled, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” and there are several pretty predictable characters for season 5 being cast if you’re a book reader. Careful now, there are plot spoilers in here.
[LINDSEY] In her 20s, attractive in a small town kind of way, she’s fixing a flat tire in a narrow country road when a vampire comes upon her. 1 speech & 3 lines, 1 scene. Co-star.

[MOLLY] In her 20s, bubbly, with a retro Bettie Page/Suicide Girl vibe, “cute as a button if buttons had fangs,” she works for the Vampire Authority and outfits two prisoners with complicated deadly devices. Visible tattoos a plus. One-day guest star. Possible recurring.

[MISS JILL STEELER] In her 40s, an ex-teacher, recently divorced and back in town, “she used to be beautiful, now she looks like an attractive, pleasantly plump housewife.” Guest star. This role contains topless nudity.

[BARBARA PELT] In her 50s, a kindly, well-dressed woman, she is Debbie’s (Brit Morgan) mother who is anxiously searching for her missing daughter. She and her husband, Gordon, confront Alcide. Guest star.

[GORDON PELT] In his 50s, a kindly, well-dressed man, he is Debbie’s (Brit Morgan) father who is anxiously searching for his missing daughter. He doesn’t appreciate Alcide speaking ill of Debbie. Guest star.

[DOROTHY] Seen in flashback to 1905, this pretty young prostitute has been glamored and is being drained by two vampires when another vampire saves her. 1 line, 1 scene. This role requires nudity.

[TRACY] In her 20s to 30s, heavily made-up, hair-sprayed and spray-tanned, she owns a small town clothing store and talks trash about Jason to Jessica. One-day guest star.

[CLAUDE] Early 20s. Very attractive, omni-sexual guy (with and without a shirt) A mysterious young man who speaks with a British accent and catches Jessica’s attention and curiosity. Recurring. Must have a British accent.

Drake and Dollicia off again

Last week Drake and Dollicia Bryan recently confirmed that they were back together, but it looks like their reunion has already come to an end. According to reports, the two got into a fight while dining at Villa Blanca in Los Angeles, after Dollicia told Drake that he should stop wearing hazel-colored contact lenses. Apparently she thought this wasn’t a good look for him, and Drake took offense to her comment.

Drake then supposedly brought his ex-girlfriend Nebby (the subject of Drake’s first hit “Best I Ever Had”) to New York City to ring in the New Year with him.

via urbanplanetdaily.com

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Celebrity Apprentice it's back Feb 12

                                                   Adam Carolla

                                                         Arsenio Hall

                                                       Aubrey O'Day

                                                         Cheryl Tiegs

                                                           Clay Aiken

                                                        Dayana Mendoza

                                                          Debbie Gibson

                                                        Dee Snider

                                                        George Takei

                                                         Lisa Lampanelli

                                                         Lou Ferrigno

                                                    Michael Andretti

                                                  Patricia Velasquez

                                                          Paul Teutul, Sr.

                                                         Penn Jillette

                                                          Teresa Guidice

                                                          Tia Carrere

                                                      Victoria Gotti

*Images via Google Images