Thursday, June 23, 2011

o_O this is BRILLIANT right?

Introducing the Cuddle Mattress

No more Pins and Needles. No more cricked neck....hmmmmm

Wait...You didn't see Joe Manganiello's spread in GQ??? Holy HAWTNESS!!

You Are Welcome!

An one more for good measure! This isn't part of The GQ stuff....but ....whatevs
Look it.....he's angry!! LOLZ, I have to work.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get ready for Sunday Night!! Here's a re-cap

When we last saw Sookie

When we Last saw Tara

When we Last Saw Bill

When We Last Saw Sam

When we last saw Lafayette

When We last Saw Jessica and Hoyt

When we last saw Eric

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PDN The Look Photography Contest

So I have a passion that I'm just starting to "go public with" lol, I love Photography! I love being behind a camera and taking a photo that will tell some kind of story, and I love how different people will view a photo different ways, and take different ideas from it. Even see things that the next person won't see. Ana has been kind enough to agree to be a Model for me. We've done two shoots and soon will take on shoot number three. Our second shoot which was done with "Mardi Gras" masks that I picked up at Glow Parties, was a valuable learning experience for both Ana and myself. Out of that three hour shoot came a few Photos we both really liked, but this photo, there is something about it.

There is a Photography Magazine I buy all the time, called Photo Pro, and there are countless websites where I subscribe to newsletters. One of the is PDN, I have received notices before of their Photography contests, and this time when I received the notice, I thought of this photo right away!

Now, a little about my "studio" I have two little lights that I found on eBay for 80 bucks, and my back drop is a black bed sheet that I nailed to the wall. See another thing that I LOVE about Photography is that you can spend THOUSANDS of dollars, or a few dollars and you can take comparable pictures.

This has become VERY personal for me and I truly want to win the Peoples Choice Award in the PDN The Look Photography Contest. I'm under no delusions that I'm going to win the BIG prize, there are very serious and Pro Fashion Photographers who live and die by their Photos, I simply want to be able to say that there was this one time that I took a great Photo and other people thought it was pretty good too. Apparently the Photo will get published in the October issue of PDN Magazine, but other than an "honorable mention" I get nothing financially. The Judges are all based in New York, and they are, Lisa Vosper,Photo Director, Latina Magazine. Steven Torres, Photo Editor, Lucy Fox, Photo Editor,Marie Claire.
Jolanta Bielat, Photo Editor, GQ. Lea A. Golis, Senior Photo Editor, New York Magazine. Nigel Barker(For Debut Category) Photographer & Sony Artisan of Imagery.

AMAZING Line Up right??? I have a serious case of Butterflies just thinking about these people even glancing at my photo, will they spot my amateur status, will they discuss it at all? It's exciting What will they think of Ana's pose? Will they see a moment in a story, will they skip over it and not give it a second glance?

This is the reason why I am begging for your vote. This is why it means SO much to me. So if you haven't yet, please Vote! Of course vote if you like the Photo.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Minister's Task Force On Cyberbullying Launches Survey

Photo from Google Images

Okay, here it is, the survey. It takes a few minutes and you have the opportunity at the end to write some of your thoughts and suggestions down for the Task Force to see. Step up! Take the Survey! This is as much a Community issue as it is a Youth Issue.

Here is the Press Release:

The province is inviting Nova Scotians to share their ideas and experiences on cyberbullying through a new survey and website, launched today, June 10.

"We are dealing with a very serious issue and we want to hear from Nova Scotians about the impacts cyberbullying has on their lives," said Education Minister Ramona Jennex. "Together, we can help prevent this form of harassment."

The Cyberbullying Task Force and working group will use the information from the survey to help develop recommendations for the Minister of Education.

Along with the survey, the website will provide Nova Scotians with contact information and links to partnering organizations and Kids Help Phone.

"I have already heard from many Nova Scotians who are concerned about cyberbullying and offering to help in some way," said Wayne MacKay, Cyberbullying Task Force chair. "This website will offer a way for people to connect and share their insights and ideas about reducing the problem."

Last April, Ms. Jennex announced a task force to address the issue of cyberbullying. She requested a report by the end of the year.

The survey is available at .

To learn more about the Minister's Task Force on Cyberbullying, visit .

Monday, June 6, 2011

What The!!!!!

Okay, Last week we saw the First three minutes of the First Episode of True Blood Season Four...

Here are the next three...REALLY WEIRD Minutes



A New Promo!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shannon Park Student = Inspiration and sets an example for all of us.

In 2007, a 12-year-old girl who was an assistant coach of an Under-8 Girls soccer team was also battling cancer. As a result of her treatment, the assistant coach lost her hair and was wearing a wig. One of the players on the team noticed her coach’s hair and was intrigued about “how she got the wig”. When Holland van Dijk heard that people donate their hair so that wigs can be made, she committed herself to this task. For four years she has been growing her hair to donate it for a wig.

The time has arrived and Holland is getting her hair cut. Her enthusiasm has spread and her classmates have all rallied for this great cause.

On Friday June 3, 2011, at 10:30 a.m. students at École Shannon Park School will gather for an assembly.
As part of the assembly, now 11-year-old, Holland van Dijk will get her pony tail cut off and will then donate it so that a wig can be made to help a person who has lost their hair. This event titled “We can make a Difference” is a part of a presentation by Shanti Thibeau’s Grade 5 class. The children will present information on how everyone can make a difference in the cause of curing cancer. Students will provide information on what someone can do to help. They will sing a song of support. They will then cheer on Holland as she gets her ponytail cut.

Student’s will also participate in “crazy hair day” and will have the option of creating a crazy hair style for the day. Each student will be asked to donate $1 to participate and all funds from this event will go to the NS Cancer Society.

Lafayette's New Hairdo


Yesterday we had the Trailer......

Today the Official Movie Poster for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How are Students in Nova Scotia doing?? The Report has been released!

Nova Scotian Grade 3 students continue to show improvement in mathematics.

The 2010 Minister's Report to Parents and Guardians, released today (June 1st), contains Nova Scotia examination results for mathematics and literacy.

Education Minister Ramona Jennex says the provincial assessments give parents and educators important information on how well our students are learning, where additional support is needed, and how to best direct investments to ensure the success of all students.

The following is a summary of the 2010 provincial results for mathematics and literacy assessments:

-- 63 per cent met expectations in the Elementary Mathematical Literacy Assessment

-- 77 per cent met expectations in the Évaluation des apprentissages en mathématiques

-- 75 per cent met expectations in the Early Elementary Mathematical Literacy Assessment(Grade 3)

-- 87 per cent met expectations in the Évaluation des apprentissages en mathématiques : premier cycle de l'élémentaire (Grade 3)

-- 81 per cent of students met expectations in the Junior High Literacy Assessment (Grade 9) in reading

-- 94 per cent met expectations in writing in the Junior High Literacy Assessment

-- 79 per cent met expectations in the Appréciation de rendement en littératie au premier cycle du secondaire (Grade 9)in reading

-- 70 per cent met expectations in writing in the Appréciation de rendement en littératie au premier cycle du secondaire

-- 84 per cent met expectations in the Elementary Literacy Assessment(Grade 6) in reading

-- 90 per cent met expectations in writing in the Elementary Literacy Assessment

-- 75 per cent met expectations in reading in the Appréciation de rendement en littératie à l'élémentaire (ARL)(Grade 6)

-- 69 per cent met expectations in writing in the Appréciation de rendement en littératie à l'élémentaire

-- 78 per cent met expectations in reading in the Early Language Literacy Assessment (Grade 3)

-- 83 per cent met expectations in listening in the Early Elementary Literacy Assessment

-- 86 per cent met expectations in information writing in the Early Elementary Literacy Assessment

-- 74 per cent met expectations in narrative writing in the Early Elementary Literacy Assessment.

Ms. Jennex said the department will continue to invest in mathematics and literacy and build on the work being done in all boards.

There were no provincial scoring sessions for the Nova Scotia Examinations in mathematics or English in 2010. There will be results for 2011.

The report is available at .

Hollywoods Take on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Le Gasp.....! The First 3 Minutes of Season 4


So I've no secret about being an "ex-smoker" It's not that Im proud of paying a silly amount of money to slowly take years off of my life, but its more to show that YOU can quit. I haven't smoked since December 28th, somewhere around 4:30 am.....something like that....anyway, Im going to appeal to your vanity because sometimes it can be harder to ignore what's going on on the outside of your body because of smoking than what you are doing to yourself on the inside. Did you know that smoking contributes to acne??! totally does, think about the amount of time your germ filled hand is on your face..ew.

Also the NS Lung Association ( @NSLung) has been tweeting about a website you can go to and it will age a photo of you and how much faster your skin ages because you smoke.
code: NSLUNG31. You can find a TON of resources on their website They have a learn to run program for people who smoke, I did do a blog entry about it check it out here -->

It's a no pressure program, and you should take advantage of it.