Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This is almost the EXACT TIME!

About 9:19 I woke up with a start!! OMG Im LATE!! Im usually already at work and wrapping my "first thing in the morning" emails! OMG OMG OMG, I let the dogs out, ran to the shower starting messing with the temp, then remembered I was was a hot uncomfortable shower :( grabbed my toothbrush, got dressed, let the dogs in brushed my teeth in the kitchen?? Dunno why..... Dried my hair, then swore a little because I forgot my travel mug here at the station, had a to bring a mug with coffee, thank God that perked when it was supposed to! called my boss, YIKES IM LATE or something like that, tried to open the door....forgot it was locked....unlocked the door carried my coffee mug, and lunch...I think I forgot a fork and left over spaghetti is hard to eat with your hands.....anyway, jumped into the truck.... oh yeah construction on Caldwell road, while stopped at a light called the Morning BOUNCE yammered about being late! Ended up behind three transpot trucks and a cement truck, plus a woman who made it her personal mission to be a nice driver and let EVERYONE go in front of her, normally Im the nice "letting people go in front of me" person but today I was in a HURRY!!!! get to the bridge, my macpass is low so Im back to using quarters....two of my three quarters didn't work, and of course I didn't have any other quarters......tick tick tick goes the clock......finally time to get into Robie St exit, Mr White van matches my speed Im trying to go where he is, he's trying to get where I am, finally he slows down I JUST make it onto the Robie Street exit, suprisingly NO TRAFFIC when I turned onto Russel Street!! At work with 6 minutes to spare........Still catching my breath!