Thursday, January 7, 2010


Tyra, the dog at the SPCA who I've been facebooking, blogging and hounding family and friends about, is SOOOOO close to her forever home. I found out that someone put in an adoption request for her! Such amazing news.

Now there is a new female Amstaff at the SPCA who needs a forever home. Her name is Angel and she's lovely, I met her today, we went for a walk, and now, we need to find her a home. She has a pretty sad story and if you want to know about, you'll need to go to the SPCA to find out about what led to her arriving at the SPCA. She's smart....I was walking with her and after one or two little corrections, she was walking along beside me like a pro! she has a cute little walk too, her front paws sort or point away from each other, too cute to see!

This is her...

She is house broken and has had a litter of pups. She's all by herself now and is about a year old. she is house trained and I found out today that she can sit on command. She'd be an amazing dog for someone who had the time to work with her, she just wants to please and is truly sweet.

If you are thinking about getting a pet, please see what the SPCA has to offer, and if you don't find the furry love of your life on your first visit, check back often, they get animals all the time. The Staff and volunteers are always there to help you out. They answered a few questions I had about Lucy who I adopted from the SPCA. They remembered I adopted her and wanted to know how she was. When I said spoiled rotten, I think I saw the woman I was talking to tear up a bit. These people truly do care about the animals the receive and want nothing more than for them to be adopted to responsible, and loving people.

To contact the SPCA you can call 468-7877, their website is
There is information there about volunteering, fostering, adoption, and you can also make a donation as the SPCA is not Government funded.

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