Friday, July 23, 2010

Black Eyed Peas Show Low Down

Here is all of the info I could dig up on the Big show tomorrow....



Fold-in-a-bag chairs ARE allowed in a designated area of the general admission section, or bring a blanket
No bottles including glass products (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF AN UNOPENED 1-LITRE BOTTLE OS WATER)
No refillable containers
No cans
No alcoholic beverages
No professional cameras
No video/audio recording equipment
No umbrellas or strollers
No banners
No Frisbees
No pets
No knives or weapons of any kind
No food unless for medical reasons (bring a doctor's note)
No laser pointers
No fireworks
No coolers
No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or scooters
No camping equipment of any kind
No illegal narcotics
Prescriptions are only allowed in original container marked with the item and the name of the holder

Start Times - Subject to Change!

“B” Stage
2:00pm – Chad Hatcher
2:50pm – The Stanfields
3:30pm – The Jimmy Swift Band
4:20pm – Rich Aucoin

Main Stage
4:50pm – Hot Hot Heat
5:50pm – Classified
7:20pm – Weezer
8:50pm – Black Eyed Peas


In the spirit of Public Safety, here are the sidewalk closers you will run into..

Both Sidewalks running along the EAST side of the Common - On NORTH PARK, between CORNWALLIS & COGSWELL as well as the sidewalk running alongside the South Side of the Common - On COGSWELL, from NORTH PARK to the CENTRAL COMMON CROSSWALK, the sidewalk will be closed like this until AUGUST 10th.

Most Important!!!!!

HAVE A FLIPPIN" BLAST!! The ENTIRE 101.3 The BOUNCE family will be there, we are ready for a fantastic day, you may be chased down with a microphone haha!!

See you There!

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