Friday, December 17, 2010

So, Mike Vick wants a Dog

Frankie Hollywood and Ana The Morning BOUNCE, were talking about Mike Vick and the fact that he wants a dog. And I remembered this book, The Lost Dogs Michael Vick's Dogs and the Rescue and redemption. Regardless of how you feel about Vick, this book would be a great gift for someone on your Gift List who is an animal Lover. You don't even have to be a dog lover to read this book.
Click that link to go directly to the book.


I've put my money where my Dog loving heart is, I bought the book last night, struggled to get through the Introduction. But I did, Im at chapter 11 I believe. I know what I think of Mr. Vick, however Momma always said if you can't say something nice, keep y'er trap shut.

100% people should read this book to understand Dogfighting rings, and learn how to spot them, and learn what to do about them.

Out of bad situations there is usually something good that comes out it. And that was the case here. Two of the Vick Dogs died in custody (no one knows why though there are plenty of rumours) and two were put down, they were psychologically broken from Over breeding. The rest, survived. New Laws have been passed to protect the dogs found in these situations. Also, it wasn't just pit bulls that were involved, beagles were also among the rescued. Read this book. Put it on your to read list for 20-11.

Im not saying or implying that you will feel the way I do about people involved. I just believe that public awareness of Dogfighting is the best form of defence. Does it happen here, it's 100% possible, but someone needs to step up and blow the whistle to stop it if they know about it.

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