Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bieber + Gomez + St. Lucia = Death Threats for Gomez? Fur Realz thou??

Okay, Bieber fans are insane. I remember being a fan of Howie from the Backstreet Boys, when I found out he was getting married, I was all like....damn.....and life went on. Chances are I would never meet Howie, chances are I may not even like him much if I did, it's disappointing when you meet your fav celebs, they almost never live up to what you expect, they also have to eat and get cranky and stuff like that, but with glossy magazines and big budget music videos and slick choreography, it's easy to forget they are not the picture of perfection we see.

Now with that said, someone needs to remind girls that Bieber is not their boyfriend and even if he was, death threats, not cool. It's SOOOO last year. So when pictures surfaced of Bieber and Selena Gomez made their way online...

Bieber fans took to Twitter and said....

"@selenagomez dont touch @justinbieber you are a b!tch i kill you selena stupid stud you always whit famous boys you are a very very b!tch"

REALLY?! Im not one to talk about Grammar and Spelling but COME ON!

Okay, now who ever spawned this child needs to take some action here. Imagine what this girl will be like when she grows up? Living in an apartment with one too many cats, and the entire apartment plastered with photos of the "Celebrity of the moment" I mean, it's cool to be fan of someone and be into whatever they do, but threatening a girlfriend of a boy you will never meet.....

Mom & Dad Delete this girls Twitter.....then again she very well could be a 45 year old woman, we are talking about the interweb of misinformation after all.

As far as Bieber and Gomez go, obviously they aren't getting married they are 16 years old. Sit tight. and Remember Britney and Justin.

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