Monday, March 7, 2011


OMG aside from Warm weather, sunshine, flip flops, not having to wear a bulky coat, not having salt all over my truck, and not shoveling twice a week, another reason why I LOVE summer is TRUE BLOOD! I have read all of the books and NEVER miss an episode. If you are a fan I MUST share this..

Now, if you have read the can guess at what this is all about! OMG AMAZEBALLZ

Please don't read any further if you want the entire season to be a suprise this is a MAJOR story line in Season 4


OMG A-Skars has said....Our favorite Viking vampire suffers from amnesia for a large portion of the season—as Skarsgård puts it, "He messed with the wrong people,"—and because he loses that crucial matchup, he also loses his memory and therefore his entire personality.

At the 28th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival in Beverly Hills, Skarsgård told assembled fans, "This powerful character is just gone—it's not what we've built up over the past three years; it is just gone. And it's a lot of fun for me because it's the polar opposite of who Eric really is…He is lost. He doesn't know how he is, he knows he's a vampire, but he slowly finds out stuff, like, 'Did I do that? I killed those people? Why would I do that? Oh. Really?' It's not easy to hear—and not knowing who he can trust, who's a friend or an enemy. He's very vulnerable."

If you want more now, buy the Sookie Books! They do not dissapoint, and the books and Television Series don't follow each other completly, so the Books wont ruin EVERYTHING for you......

And here is a scene that was shown at "Paleyfest" SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED!

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