Tuesday, May 3, 2011


If the thought of the dead coming back to life, looking to eat your brains keeps you awake at night, I have JUST THE THING FOR YOU! Its the first "Zombie Proof" house. Designed by Polish firm KWK Promes the home has only one entrance which is only accessible when the Drawbridgee is down!

Apparently there is a demand for the ubersafe homes surviving the Apocalypse is Top of mind for the 20-somethings....according to the KWK Firm. Here are a few photos! It's actually pretty awesome...

The "Safe House" features an indoor swimming pool, a large, covered patio, a window-wall that opens onto a spacious second-floor balcony and provides a wonderful view, and a modern, attractive open-concept design. And when the zombies come, the whole thing essentially folds up into a giant, impenetrable block of concrete!

Want more info?? The google it, There is information EVERYWHERE about this super safe house! Just Google Zombie Proof House....seriously Google wont laugh at you.

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Kenny said...

I bet Rick and company (The Walking Dead) would like to have one of this house.