Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PDN The Look Photography Contest

So I have a passion that I'm just starting to "go public with" lol, I love Photography! I love being behind a camera and taking a photo that will tell some kind of story, and I love how different people will view a photo different ways, and take different ideas from it. Even see things that the next person won't see. Ana has been kind enough to agree to be a Model for me. We've done two shoots and soon will take on shoot number three. Our second shoot which was done with "Mardi Gras" masks that I picked up at Glow Parties, was a valuable learning experience for both Ana and myself. Out of that three hour shoot came a few Photos we both really liked, but this photo, there is something about it.

There is a Photography Magazine I buy all the time, called Photo Pro, and there are countless websites where I subscribe to newsletters. One of the is PDN, I have received notices before of their Photography contests, and this time when I received the notice, I thought of this photo right away!

Now, a little about my "studio" I have two little lights that I found on eBay for 80 bucks, and my back drop is a black bed sheet that I nailed to the wall. See another thing that I LOVE about Photography is that you can spend THOUSANDS of dollars, or a few dollars and you can take comparable pictures.

This has become VERY personal for me and I truly want to win the Peoples Choice Award in the PDN The Look Photography Contest. I'm under no delusions that I'm going to win the BIG prize, there are very serious and Pro Fashion Photographers who live and die by their Photos, I simply want to be able to say that there was this one time that I took a great Photo and other people thought it was pretty good too. Apparently the Photo will get published in the October issue of PDN Magazine, but other than an "honorable mention" I get nothing financially. The Judges are all based in New York, and they are, Lisa Vosper,Photo Director, Latina Magazine. Steven Torres, Photo Editor, Lucy Fox, Photo Editor,Marie Claire.
Jolanta Bielat, Photo Editor, GQ. Lea A. Golis, Senior Photo Editor, New York Magazine. Nigel Barker(For Debut Category) Photographer & Sony Artisan of Imagery.

AMAZING Line Up right??? I have a serious case of Butterflies just thinking about these people even glancing at my photo, will they spot my amateur status, will they discuss it at all? It's exciting What will they think of Ana's pose? Will they see a moment in a story, will they skip over it and not give it a second glance?

This is the reason why I am begging for your vote. This is why it means SO much to me. So if you haven't yet, please Vote! Of course vote if you like the Photo.

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