Friday, September 16, 2011

OH! Hey Alcide..I Mean Joe....What You're Single again??!

Okay, First let me qualify this gleeful post with this, I never like to hear about couples breaking up. It's a sad thing when a relationship comes to an end. Joe Manganello and his Fiance Audra Marie have split. They were engage last October, and she has been trying to get Joe to agree on a wedding date. Joe has been playing the AVOID game, and finally, she had enough, and called the whole thing off. Good for her really. Living in limbo is no place for a lady.


I have read all of the books that True Blood is based on, and Charlaine Harris, all I can say is THANK YOU. You hear a lot of the "Team Bill", "Team Eric", "Team Sookie" stuff, but ever since he was introduced in the books, I have been on "Team Alcide." Joe Manganello is how I pictured Alcide when I was reading the books. Scruffy, Built, and HAWT!!! (BTW if you haven't read the books, it's a long Winter, and if you're not a reader, it's only 'cause you haven't found the right book)

So I will say it again, I'm sorry their Fairy Tale ending didn't happen, but, I will say...Heeeeey Single Ladies, look who is back on the market! If you score this one, I want DEETTAAIILLSS k?

Now for some eye candy......

Oh Hey Alcide

Party Joe in a Hat

Serious Arms Crossed Joe

Wet Joe

Smilin' V-Neck Joe

Serious Joe in a Suit

Joe in a Tree

Joe in the woods

Joe Laying down in the woods


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