Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mary Ellen MacDonald The Antigonish Fire Starter

"My Experiences at the MacDonald Homestead"

by H. B. Whidden


The following account of my experiences at Caledonia Mills is not just a repetition of what has already appeared in the press. It was judged right to confine the news-paper statement to such things as the expert investigator could attest, and not to mix with these what was in part mere inference by myself. What I have here written down is a true and faithful account of the case as I know it, and as its solution was ap-

parently revealed to me. Others may look at it differently, but I offer this for what it may be worth. I give my own explanation, knowing that it will sound monstrous and incredible to some, just because I cannot account for the facts otherwise. Can anyone else do so? H.B. Whidden.

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