Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Looks men love (according to Redbook)

#1.) Jeans and a Tank Top. It might sound boring, but they say it's just sexy ENOUGH. According to "Redbook", it makes you look low-maintenance . . . which guys LOVE. And if you put on some knee-high boots, they'll like it even more.

#2.) The Librarian Look. To "Redbook", that means a pencil skirt, blouse, heels, and glasses. But the clothes don't matter nearly as much as the glasses do. As long as you've got glasses on and your hair up, you can pull it off.

#3.) Cocktail Dresses. If you're going to something more formal, guys prefer a cocktail dress to an evening gown.

--And it's not just because it's shorter. It's what it SAYS about you: A full-length dress makes you look more sophisticated, but a cocktail dress makes you look more fun and relaxed.

#4.) Sports Jerseys. Obviously, you'll mostly attract guys who like sports . . . but that's also the MAJORITY of guys. Fitted jerseys are best, or just take a normal jersey and tie a knot in the back.

(ps I couldn't find a photo I could use that didn't have the girl in the photo all *&%%* up. UGH)

#5.) Yoga Outfits. Especially the black stretchy pants. Again, it's because you'll seem low-maintenance. But it's also because they're form-fitting . . . and tend to make guys think about things like flexibility.

And now you know. Throw AWAY the Jeggings. They NEVER looked good. On ANYONE. Ever. ;)

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