Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Madonna & Madonna & Madonna & Madonna & Madonna learn to be Madonna

Madonna has hired a group of decoy clones to confuse photographers on her 'MDNA' tour, according to reports.

With the Queen of Pop about to embark on her 'MDNA' tour, the National Enquirer reports that she's so determined not to be hounded by the paparazzi that she's hired five look-alikes to take the attention away from her.

A source close to the singer claimed that she would give the five lucky women a crash-course in how to walk and talk like her, so she can deploy them as "diversions" and enjoy some time for herself undisturbed by the press.
"It was her own idea – and she conceived it both for protection and to stay private while enjoying down time," said the insider. "Five ladies will be made up to look like dead ringers, and Madonna's personally giving them lessons right now on how to walk, talk and act like her.

"On the tour, her 'clone quintet' will be sent out ahead of her to act as diversions when she exits hotels, restaurants, concert halls, or any public venue," they added. "It's a brilliant decoy plan, and she's betting it will work!"

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