Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blog for Mel B has Moved!

Hi all, First, thanks for checking out my blog on the regular! It's appreciated, in case you don't know we have moved all of the Blogs for all of the Announcers for the bounce over to we host everything from there. Now I have this blog, that I want to use for my PERSONAL stuff, Mostly Photography. I have been working pretty hard at taking photos and I need a place where I can share them, and share the success of them and the "failure" of them too. With the said, this blog is NO LONGER ASSOCIATED WITH BELL MEDIA, or 101.3 The BOUNCE. Everything you see will be my own work, and have nothing to do with the radio station. I hope you hang out, I'm looking for feedback for my photos, as an n00b I'm ALWAYS looking for feedback.

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