Monday, December 6, 2010

I have declared myself the Princess of Shop Vac's.

I grew up in Cole Harbour, and when I graduated from Cole Harbour High, I was all about moving away. Couldn't wait. Then a few short years later (after getting over home sickness)I could deal with being home, then, after that, I wanted to be back home. My parents live here and My sister, I have roots here. I missed Hurricane Juan, White Juan, and the craziness that came from both of those events, but I always kept close tabs on how my family was. I hated being away when BIG things were going on, not that I could help out too much, Im not handy, I can't cook, well maybe....a little, and I always felt like I should be home when these things went down.

About three weeks ago, my parents basement flooded for the first time, and I was here, I helped shop vac, and helped some more by taking more of my stuff out of their house (Mom always jokes that I've never REALLY moved out) But this weekend, the basement flooded twice more. The first was Saturday, and Mom was home by herself. I feel really great that Rob (hubby) and I were there for her. I feel like there is a point where children pay their parents back for all the trouble we cause. the second time the basement flooded was last night into this morning. Rob went to their house at 2am to help Dad deal with the water, and Im lucky to have a super boss who agreed to let me take today to help. With no sleep and water still coming in, I think Dad was happy to have the help, after all it's really hard to shop vac and take walls down by yourself. So today we ripped down walls that were still there from the first flood, and searched for the problem, while I was mostly on shopvac duty to keep water levels down, I was again relieved to be able to be there to help.

I believe that Im lucky to have parents who ALWAYS came to my rescue, weather it was cash I needed or a couch to crash on when I've been sick (Mom is THE BEST nurse EVAH) And now I feel grateful, and lucky to have the opportunity to help them out in return. My family is beyond important to me, and if you run into me at a station event, chances are My Mom wont be too far behind. She has become a HUGE supporter of The BOUNCE, and often calls me to give the details on what Frankie Hollywood and Ana talked about in the morning, though chances are I heard it too.

Im happy to be back home. Happy to be closer to them, and happy I can finally lend some sort of skill to a crises even if its vacuuming up water and emptying the shopvac all by myself.

So if you are fortunate to have parents who have your back 100%, don't forget to have theirs too. And if necessary, I can lent you my shopvac tiara.

Still think they should come in Pink though.

Oh and because today (December 6th) is my Birthday, I totally had Wendy's for Lunch. LOVE THE NEW FRIES! NO FOOLIN'

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