Friday, December 3, 2010

Whaaaaat! Anne Rice's Vamps coming back!!?

It's true, after the horror that was Queen of the Damned, it seems Anne has her heart set on re-vamping (haha) the Vampire Chronicles. Who would you cast to re-set the epic stories?? Anne wants Robert Downey Jr to play Lestat. Hmm, interesting. Lestat is supposed to be blond, I just hope they don't make him wear that silly wig that Stewart Townsend had to wear in Queen of the Damned. Haven't heard what story they will start with, but I do believe that Interview with a Vampire, shouldn't be touched. It was very well done in my opinion. Perhaps The Vampire Lestat should be the movie that kicks it off again.

As a refresher of the two movies that have already been are the trailers

And Queen of the Damned

What story do you think they should pick??

What actors should play Anne's Vampires??


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