Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So I've no secret about being an "ex-smoker" It's not that Im proud of paying a silly amount of money to slowly take years off of my life, but its more to show that YOU can quit. I haven't smoked since December 28th, somewhere around 4:30 am.....something like that....anyway, Im going to appeal to your vanity because sometimes it can be harder to ignore what's going on on the outside of your body because of smoking than what you are doing to yourself on the inside. Did you know that smoking contributes to acne??! totally does, think about the amount of time your germ filled hand is on your face..ew.

Also the NS Lung Association ( @NSLung) has been tweeting about a website you can go to and it will age a photo of you and how much faster your skin ages because you smoke.
code: NSLUNG31. You can find a TON of resources on their website They have a learn to run program for people who smoke, I did do a blog entry about it check it out here -->

It's a no pressure program, and you should take advantage of it.

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