Monday, June 25, 2012

Can a person's first name REALLY tell you if they're a lunatic behind the wheel?

--A study out of England looked at data from thousands of speeding tickets, and identified the first names of people most likely to speed . . . or drive safely.

--Men named Julian and Justin are most likely to speed. And for women, the most likely speeders are named Juliet, Justine, and Alexis.

--On the other end, men named Connor, Terrance, Jacob, Jordan, and Joshua are LEAST likely to speed. For women, the least-likely speeders are Paige, Molly, Shannon, Bethany, Lily, Courtney, and Caitlin.

--The study also found that men who are surgeons, sales managers, TV execs, CEOs, and lawyers are most likely to speed. Women who are in the military, or work as business consultants, veterinarians, or doctors are most likely to speed.

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