Monday, July 9, 2012's top 10 Sexy Jams...I think we can do better!!!

There's a new list of The Sexiest Songs Ever Recorded on . . . and the #1 spot went to BILLY PAUL'S 1972 single"Me and Mrs. Jones".

--Here's the Top 10:

1.) "Me and Mrs. Jones", Billy Paul (1972)

2.) "Into the Mystic", Van Morrison (1970)

3.) "Pony", Ginuwine (1996)

4.) "Whole Lotta Love", Led Zeppelin (1969)

5.) "Love Hangover", Diana Ross (1976)

6.) "Between the Sheets", The Isley Brothers (1983)

7.) "Between the Sheets", Meiko (2011) . . . This is NOT a cover of the Isley Brothers song. Its placement is apparently just a coincidence.

8.) "Let's Spend the Night Together", The Rolling Stones (1967)

9.) "Wicked Game", Chris Isaak (1989)

10.) "Let's Get It On", Marvin Gaye (1973)

Hmmmmmm seems to me a few songs are missing, and should bounce a couple of tracks off that list!

Starting with Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D'Angelo, This is a double whammy (Pardon the pun) because the video is HAWTTTT....I mean SERIOUSLY!

Remember When Vin Diesel was Triple XXX and he had to "Do Things for his country"? Cue the music....

Joi - Lick

There is absolutely a chance that I could do an ENTIRE sexy play list by Prince, but for now....Here is one of the MANY I'd pick

Prince - Do Me Baby

HAHAHA Remember this Jam?

Freak Me - Silk

Call me with your thoughts and suggestions on the SEXIEST Jams !!


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