Thursday, July 12, 2012

HOLY MOLEY! It's gunna be HAWT & HOT for the show!

                                           Okay here we sleep away from watching

                                                            My Name Is Kay,

                                                                  Carley Rae Jepsen

                                                           and Marianas Trench

at Alderney Landing! It is going to HHHHHOOOOOTTTTT we are talkin' 30 in the sunshine, so, what can you bring, should you bring, and can't you bring?? 


Let's start here...You SHOULD bring Sunblock, especially if you are planning to line up during the day. You should bring something to eat while you wait in line and plenty to drink BEFORE you get into the concert Grounds, you can ONLY bring ONE SEALED BOTTLE OF WATER NO LARGER THAN 750 ML inside the gate. and SUNBLOCK and re-apply it OFTEN. By Saturday morning, you'll be glad you did.

What CAN'T you bring??


No coolers, chairs, or umbrellas. No outside food or drink (excluding 1 sealed bottle of water no larger than 750 ml). 

No re-entry. 

No weapons. 

No professional cameras (still, video). 

No skateboards or bicycles. 

No dogs. 

No items deemed contrary to public safety. 

Smoking will be permitted in designated areas only. 

All bags will be checked prior to entry

Also, there will be loads of people there, and in order for everyone to walk away happy, you should be considerate of others, since it's going to be so hot, be especially nice to people. We want EVERYONE smiling!  

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